Reiki and the Holidays

Reiki and the Holidays

Ahhh…December. Just days after Black Friday & Small Business Saturday, the holiday season has begun, and nerves are already starting to fray. Long lines, shitty driving, rude people, and trying to buy for everyone on your list. Joy to the world indeed. Today we are talking about Reiki and the holidays, keeping our calm.

Stop, take a deep breath, and let reiki flow. 

You can survive this holiday season easily with reiki as your constant sidekick.

Before you leave the house:

Anytime you get ready to leave the house send reiki to the situation you’re about to go to. Reiki yourself, reiki the shop peeps, reiki the drivers, reiki the store, reiki your family, reiki work, etc. Wherever you’re going send reiki to it and everyone you’ll meet along the way.

You don’t need to know the specifics either. My sister and I do what we call “randoming”. We don’t have a plan, but we go out shopping. Send reiki to everywhere you go. You can say something like: I send reiki to everyone I meet today and everywhere I go. Easy peasy.

As you’re driving (or in transport):

In this day and age road rage is all the….ah…rage. Don’t let it get you too. Surround yourself and vehicle in a cloud of reiki. Don’t think this gets you off the hook from driving responsibly, you still have to do that part. And you might have to consciously work at not getting angry at your fellow drivers. Put the intention out there that you are protected from the other drivers and they are protected from you.* Then, drive safely.

While shopping:

Reiki for an awesome parking spot. Reiki to find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and in your price range. Reiki to have short lines, nice employees help you, and pleasant fellow shoppers. Reiki so that you are a pleasant and understanding person as well…sometimes things just get sold out, deal with it.

Yes, sometimes you want to stick a hot poker in a retail worker’s eyeball (don’t deny it). Remember this: we’re all human. If you’re nice to them, you will get better treatment trust me.

While partying:

You might have a holiday party or two to go to. Fun fun! Be sure to fill the room with reiki. Reiki your encounters for good networking connections. Reiki for a fun evening. Reiki for no food poisoning from the buffet table. Reiki for no wardrobe malfunctions ::embarrassing!:: Reiki to not get hungover, at least less of a hangover than you’d get without reiki’s help. Of course that’s if you drink. Reiki for great dance moves and no injuries. Reiki for good music.

With Family:

Don’t let family tension get in the way of having a fab holiday. Reiki when you’re getting together (distantly send to that time & place). Reiki yourself and individually everyone you can think to. Go in with a good attitude. Ignore negative remarks. Let reiki flow the entire time you’re together.

At work:

You might work someplace where the end of the year is CRAZYSAUCE. Don’t dread the month. Reiki it. Every night before work send reiki to your shift. Send reiki to everyone you meet and all your co-workers. Reiki the building. Reiki your work areas. Reiki your lunch. At work reiki the work you do. Reiki yourself during break. Again, go i with a good attitude and do the best you can for the day.

When you’re alone:

Relax. Give yourself a good boost of reiki all over and do other self care you like. Take deep breaths. Meditate. Watch a favorite tv show. Do something for yourself.  RECHARGE!


If you’re the one making all the food, reiki it as you cook. Reiki each ingredient, each cooking utensils, spice, pot, pan, etc. Reiki the table, chairs, plates, glasses. All for a good time, yummy food, and tons of reiki.

If you’re not the one cooking, you can always give your food and drinks a reiki boost. Hold your hands above your food,  give it reiki, then eat.

The Aftermath:

Whew! After all the holiday parties and family gatherings you might be exhausted. Give yourself tons of reiki. Or get reiki from someone else and relax fully into reiki without having to do a thing but lay there. Not only will you help yourself, but you’ll help someone else too.

As you probably noticed, you can use these suggestions at any time of the year. What’s your favorite way to calm the holiday frizzles?

*Thanks Dee for the awesome intention <3


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