Reiki and Oracle Cards

Reiki and Oracle Cards

I have a couple of decks of oracle cards that I really love to use. Now, what the heck do oracle cards have to do with Reiki…more than you might think.

What I like to do is clear the cards with Reiki with the intention that I get the answers for my highest and greatest good, but also that I understand what the cards are trying to tell me. When I clear the cards with Reiki I tend to get highly accurate messages

Step by step of what I do with Reiki and Oracle cards:

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths to get in the right mindset.
  2. Call in high energies to help with the reading. Only energies, beings, guides, etc. of high energies and white light. This is for protection, insights, and messages.
  3. Draw the power symbol on the cards to clear all energies that aren’t for the highest and greatest good. And to clear stale energies.
  4. Draw the emotion symbol to help me detach from desired messages. This allows me to be more open to what needs to come through rather than what I want to come through.
  5. Shuffle the cards with my question.
  6. Draw card(s) and read.
  7. If I don’t understand how the message pertains to the question I’ll send Reiki to it by drawing the emotion symbol on my forehead and asking for added guidance.

When I follow these steps I get highly accurate messages. An example would be on my birthday. I followed those steps and asked what I need to know for today. I was using the Earth Magic Deck and the card I drew was Dance Celebration. Another time it was an icky rainy day and asked the same question and the card that came up was Rain Purification. I tend to get literal answers to questions, but I also look into the other meanings of the card. That rainy day card wasn’t only telling me “hey, it’s raining outside”, but it was telling me that I needed to work on some “stuff” to clean up my mind.

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