5 Reasons You Haven’t Started A Daily Reiki Practice

5 Reasons You Haven’t Started A Daily Reiki Practice

So, you just got attuned, or perhaps you have been attuned for years, but want to come back to Reiki. You want to start a daily practice, but it just never happens. Here are some possible reasons you haven’t started a daily Reiki practice:

  1. You “don’t have the time”

    …BULL.SHIT. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, you just need to prioritize your daily self-care. Need help getting Reiki in your day? Check out here, here, here, oh and here.

  2. You don’t feel like you are worth it.

    Uhm seriously? Why did you take the time to learn Reiki if you aren’t going to use it? You are totally worth it! Reiki is the perfect way to boost self-worth! Check out this post on self-acceptance and Reiki and try it out. Reiki makes me feel like a freaking JEDI GODDESS.

  3. You are so freaking unmotivated to help yourself it isn’t even funny.

    ::beentheredonethat:: Again…Reiki.is.perfect.for.this. Reiki is going to help jumpstart whatever project (self-care or otherwise) you want to start…or continue. How about reading this and/or this…if you’re a zombie.

  4. You are afraid of what may (or may not) happen.

    You have read/heard that Reiki can cure blahblahblah. First off, you got an ego-centric person telling you things. Second, Reiki does exactly what it is supposed to do. Third, curing and healing are two totally different things. Reiki heals, it doesn’t cure (and you don’t diagnose unless you are a licensed professional in a setting that you are allowed to diagnose in). Of course, if you think you are going to cure fibromyalgia you will be disappointed. But, if you think you can ease your/someone’s time through fibromyalgia you are on a better track. You see, Reiki goes where it needs to go and does what needs to be done. Rather than pain going away, medications could work more efficiently. Instead of fibro fading back, it could flare up to bring attention to someplace. Instead of x happening, it could be y instead. You just have to do the Reiki and see what happens for you. If nothing happens, then keep on Reiki-ing on, it can’t do any harm and you are still benefiting when you take the time to do it. Disclaimer: Like I said, Reiki isn’t a cure. Don’t stop going to your doc. Reiki is not to take the place of anything your doctor or anyone official has told you to do.

  5. You forget about it.

    Totes legit. I get it. We all forget stuff at times. Butttttt….I’m sure you feel it coming, Reiki can help with this. Read some of the posts linked from number one and see if that helps. Reiki will help memory, but also feels so good that you’ll want to remember to have a daily practice. Set an alarm and then take the time to do Reiki!

Bonus Round: You do not feel anything when you Reiki yourself.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to feel Reiki when you are doing it. You don’t even have to believe it’s happening. All you gotta do is set the intention to Reiki, then do it. Even if all you feel is the weight of your hands on your tummy, you are still getting the benefits of Reiki. Do this every day and eventually you may start to feel Reiki when you are doing it, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t. This isn’t a two days to practice and then get frustrated kind of thing, Reiki is a lifetime lesson giver. Do Reiki and you’ll learn the lessons it has for you. Don’t do Reiki and you’ll just stay where you are in your Reiki practice, but then don’t get angry with Reiki for the lack of progress.

Do you have a daily Reiki practice? If not, what are some reasons you haven’t started a daily Reiki practice? What obstacles do you face?



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