Instant Gratification: Pizza Rolls & Reiki

The world we live in is full of instant gratification. Microwaves for example zap your food to cooked deliciousness in a matter of a few short minutes compared with waiting a bit longer in the oven. I love microwaves. Ovens have their usefulness, but give me a microwave any day and I’m happy. 

Nowadays, Reiki is an instant gratification healing modality. Wanna learn Reiki? Take a short weekend class and you’ll be helping people in no time! Certified and everything. Heck in some places you can go from zero to Master IN A WEEKEND. How does that help anyone? If you’re a sensitive type, and if you’re learning Reiki, you probably are, you’re gonna bork out your system with overload.

Got a boo boo? Run Reiki! Forget to set an intention? Oh well, at least I’m doing something. Sound familiar? Sure Reiki will flow, but intention behind Reiki is everything. You’ll get better results, results that you are looking for when you give Reiki an intention. Why learn Reiki at all if you aren’t going to use it to it’s full potential?

On to the silly metaphor…

Look at Reiki like it were Pizza Rolls. You can microwave them and get a soggy sad experience with way too hot innards, such as taking a 1-Master class and then not really knowing what the heck you are doing.

Or you can cook them in the oven, take the experience slowly, have crispy firm foundations and less mouth burn, meaning space out your Reiki classes. Get your foundations, practice practice practice, and grow your skills, then go up to the next level and start again.

Which would you rather experience? I want to go for instant Master, but I’m opting for space. I choose to learn in time. I choose to take Reiki slowly and learn everything I can. Makes sense right? And now I’m hungry -_-

Let’s stay on the Reiki Pizza Roll metaphor. You know when you pop your food in the microwave or oven you set the intention that the food gets cooked, right? Otherwise you’d eat it the way it is, frozen, and that does not sound full of tasty at all, does it. You don’t even really set the intention, not consciously anyway, it just happens. You know using one of those two appliances is going to heat up the noms and that’s why you use them.

Now think of your Reiki intention, or lack of one. Do you want the limp Reiki experience with no intention? Just run Reiki willynilly and to do something. Or do you want the healing of a strong intention? I know I’d rather set an intention and then start letting it flow. It brings about better concentration and better experiences for everyone. How do you cook your Reiki?

Are you a microwave or oven Reiki practitioner? I’d love to know how long you cooked 😉

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