Using Other Symbols with Reiki

Using Other Symbols with Reiki

I tried something new and exciting the other day that I just have to share. I added a symbol to my Reiki routine. I added Om. It was an experiment that I am likely to repeat over and over. 

I drew the three level 2 symbols on each of my hands, which is out of the norm for me as of late. Then I drew Om on my hands as well. I felt the energy surge. I drew Om above me and pulled it down into my body, the air became electric. I was humming. I felt so much peace, it was wonderful. I continued on with Reiki and felt the boost that Om was giving to the Reiki.

The idea to add Om to the Reiki symbols I already use came to me after I realized that Om was not that difficult to draw. If you think about it you can break it down into 4 easily digestible parts. It’s like learning the distance symbol, but way less scary looking 😉 Om looks like a 3 with a cowlick, a slash and a dot. That’s how I remember it anyways.

I suggest trying other symbols with your Reiki if you haven’t started already. It’s a learning experiment that surely will get you feeling how different symbols have different energies. I know I have many more symbols to try out.

How about you? Have you tried using other symbols with Reiki? Share your experiences down in the comments 😀

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