I Have No Time to Practice Reiki

I Have No Time to Practice Reiki

I Have No Time to Practice Reiki!

Recently I asked 3 clients if they practice Reiki on their own.

“I have no time to practice,” two out of the three said and hung their heads. All three clients are attuned to Reiki. They all know the benefits of a personal Reiki practice.

Here’s the thing…it’s okay not to practice. It’s not okay to feel bad for not practicing.

If you’re attuned and don’t practice, it may just not be the time for you to take it seriously just yet, take your time. It’s no skin off my nose or anyone else’s if you don’t practice, the only one not reaping the benefits is you.

My advice to the 2 clients: you started the path, take your time on it, it really isn’t a race. Reiki will always be with you so practice when you can and enjoy the journey.

What we all need to remember is that Reiki is simple and easy. Hands on, Reiki on. It can be done anywhere. You don’t have to take the time to do a “proper” self-Reiki session where you go through all the hand positions or get all comfy and set the mood. Self-Reiki on a train, bus, car, etc. is just as effective. Hands on, Reiki on, and even a minute of self-practice is better than none.

Reevaluate your self-practice if you feel you don’t have time.

Instead of saying you have no time to practice Reiki, reevaluate your self-practice. Maybe you don’t have the time to do a full body session, but you have time in the morning to do a quick bit of Reiki before you start the day. What about taking a bit of time during lunch? Perhaps waiting for an appointment. Why not practice during a meeting? How about counteracting stress and practice while you’re watching the evening news? The shower is a great time to practice Reiki…so is a bath! Just before bed is a good time to  practice, Reiki doesn’t care if you fall asleep on it 😉

Find a way to make Reiki practice work for you. See what parts of your day you can inject Reiki into. Need some ideas for ways to add Reiki to your day? Here are 20 ways to sneak Reiki in. Want some tough love? Here are 5 reasons you haven’t started a daily Reiki practice. Want some tips on prioritizing Reiki? Here’s my post on making time for Reiki. How about a no-touch way to add Reiki to your life? 😉 Here are 5 ways to add Reiki to your life right now.

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