Many Teachers: Never stop learning

Many Teachers: Never stop learning

I absolutely love taking Reiki classes. I love the different lessons, histories, classmates, etc. No two teachers are the same, and that’s perfect.

Each teacher focuses on different things. One could be very  history heavy in their Reiki 1 and another could skim it and focus mostly on practice. Each teacher will be different. If you’ve only taken Reiki from one teacher you might not know that.

Of course one Reiki teacher is enough, but what about other perspectives? It’s like in school you got a new teacher each year. One might teach math in a way that makes it click while the teacher from the year before just brought tears. In Reiki your first teacher might have given you a hohum feeling towards Reiki or left you wanting more and another might flood your system with Reiki passion. There are lessons that only taking classes with different teachers AND classmates can teach you.

The lessons you learn might not even be Reiki related! It could be about patience, compassion, respect, love, etc. Your lesson could be whether you really want to go to the next level. You might find the desire to be a teacher yourself. Take it all in slowly and really find the right stride for you. Never stop learning. Journey the path with many teachers.

My suggestion: If you haven’t stepped onto the Reiki path just yet, when you’re ready, take Reiki 1 & 2 as separate classes with at least a month between. Then if you want to take them again, take them as a weekend class with a different teacher. Give yourself plenty of time to work with these energies before plunging in to 3/ART/Master (depends on a bunch of different things on whether your next level is 3, ART, or Master, Reiki is weird like that 😉 ).

If you’ve already gone through all the levels once with one teacher, my suggestion is to start again with fresh eyes. If you’ve gone through twice, go again.

Constantly learn. Each teacher and fellow classmate will give you something different to look at no matter how advanced you are. 


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