Making Time For Reiki

Making Time For Reiki

I have written before on finding time to practice Reiki throughout the day, but not so much on making time for Reiki. There is a difference!

Finding time for Reiki is continuing on your day and implementing Reiki as you go.

There is nothing wrong with this. Keep on, keepin’ on!

Making time for Reiki is deliberately taking time out of your day to give yourself Reiki (or get a session from someone else).

When you make the time for Reiki you make your healing a priority. You make your time a priority. You allow yourself the freedom of downtime. The freedom of unconditional self-love. The joy of Reiki undistracted.

How do we MAKE time for Reiki in this fast-paced world?

Everyone wants to argue that they don’t have time for this or that. 1. If you are reading this post you have time to give yourself Reiki or to do whatever you want to do. 2. If you watch tons of t.v. you have plenty of time to give yourself Reiki or do whatever you want to do. 3. If you are constantly online (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest I’m looking at you guys), then you have tons of time to give yourself Reiki or do whatever you want to. Don’t let the fear of missing out force you to not take time out for your own healing. How do we make it happen?

  • Schedule the time in. Most everyone has a cell phone these days and you can set a daily alarm to remind you to take time out and do Reiki on yourself.
  • Start your day off with Reiki. Before jumping out of bed to start on your billions of to-dos lay your hands on yourself and let Reiki do its thing. Also remember to Reiki your day and set the intention that it will be a good day.
  • End your day with Reiki. Go to bed a little early so you have time to fully engage in a Reiki session before drifting off to dreamland. Get in tune with your body and discover the areas you need to slow down.
  • Turn off the t.v., get off your phone, get off the computer, then Reiki for the amount of time you would normally be doing those activities and see how much better you feel.
  • Take time to play. Blow bubbles, color in a coloring book, dance around, and inject that time with Reiki.

It is really about prioritizing your Reiki practice. If you are finding time to do Reiki here and there, great because even the littlest amount of Reiki is better than nothing. However, if you aren’t seeing results try making time for Reiki and see what happens. Breathe. Relax. Reiki!

How do you make time for Reiki in your life?

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