How Magic Mike Brought Me to Reiki [My Reiki Story]

How Magic Mike Brought Me to Reiki [My Reiki Story]

By now you may have heard about Reiki and Magic Mike XXL. I personally haven’t seen the movie (YET), but I’ve heard and read that the character Ken (actor Matt Bomer) is a level 3 Reiki Practitioner. To me this is the ultimate sign from the universe that Reiki is suppose to be a part of my life. Let me explain…

July 1, 2012 my mom, sister, and I went to see Magic Mike. It was amazeballs (yet really bad…) and by the end of the movie we were laughing and still enjoying ourselves on the drive home. Not too far from home we turn off the highway to get to our neighborhood and BAM! Another car crosses the center line and hits mom’s car. No one is seriously injured (the car was considered totaled RIP Midnight), but mom ends up having a giant hematoma (like a blood clot under her skin) on her hand.

Months go by, our bruises heal up, but mom’s hematoma is still exactly as big as it was when it first swelled up. The doctors couldn’t do anything else to make it go down. Around September 2012, mom and I take a psychic development class at The Bead Angel (awesomest place eva!). One of our classmates starts talking something about this Reiki thing and that it was the greatest thing on Earth. We were interested in trying and discovered that The Bead Angel held Reiki Shares every month. Sadly the September share had already passed so we eagerly waited for the October one.

Finally, the October Reiki Share was here! When the share started we discovered that newbies go first. There were a couple of us, but not many. I remember that it was very relaxing and surprisingly I didn’t mind having all those hands touching me. Not having Reiki, it was explained to us that was okay. We can intend that white light surrounds the person on the table. Imagine that our hands were like flashlights and that white light was coming out of them. Repeat “Reiki”, that the universe knows what we are intending. Or simply lay soft hands on the person. It was a really amazing experience.

The REAL fun didn’t happen until the next day though. I’m sound asleep and all of the sudden I’m woken up by yelling. SIERRA! SIERRA! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE! SIERRA! SIERRA! ::STOMP STOMP STOMP:: I jumped out of bed and ran up the stairs. I had no clue what was going on.

Upon making it up the stairs thankful for not tripping up them with my sleepy jelly legs, my mom is waving her hand up and down, up and down. IT’S GONE! IT’S GONE! LOOK! LOOK! Sleepy brain is all like WTF are you talking about, then she stops her hand and I could see what she was saying.

The hematoma had gone from at least golfball sized to having a dip in her hand. It was crazy, and from that moment on I was hooked on Reiki. I saw the evidence that it worked and that’s all I needed.

Thank you, Magic Mike for bringing me (and my whole family) to Reiki! It’s been an awesome magical journey so far!

What is your Reiki story? I’d love to hear it!

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