A Letter To Reiki Newbs

A Letter To Reiki Newbs

Dear Reiki Newb,

You rock.

You just spent the weekend  learning an amazeballs relaxation & energy healing technique. I know you’re spinning. I know you’re already rearing to go to the next level. Been there, done that, got the tshirt, refrigerator magnet, lapel pin, and coffee mug. But stop and cool your jets for a sec. Take time to let it all sink in.

These next couple of weeks will be…different. You’re going through a “cleansing cycle” that lasts about 3 weeks. It may be longer or shorter for you, just depends on your sensitivity. Nothing to freak out over and nothing to worry about. Your teachers, guides, classmates, and an infinite amount of others are here to help. Reiki has a good support system if you know where to look. Get some Reiki sessions during this time. Be sure to give yourself sessions every single day. Your emotions are gonna be cray cray. Just let them happen. When it’s all done, you’ll be back to feeling awesome.

just for today Reiki Principles

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Reiki table, don’t worry if you don’t have clients, don’t worry if you don’t feel the energy after class. It all come with time. Reiki 1 is all about healing the self. Even if you took 1 & 2 together, it’s still about healing you first. Sit back and let Reiki flow.

When you have times of doubt, and there will be some, calm down and concentrate on your breath as you let Reiki flow. This will shut down some of the monkey mind that tends to happen during Reiki. Create or use some pre-made affirmations to help keep you on track as well. Just know that Reiki is still flowing even if you can’t feel it. Remember that intention is everything. Just intend that it’s flowing and it is. Trust that you’ll feel the energy the more you practice.

Practice is key in getting any thing you want, isn’t it? Just remember to do it 😉

Keep mindful of the principles. They seem so simple, but you will fumble. Remember…just for today. You aren’t required to be perfect, just be mindful.

Remember to shield yourself. You are more sensitive than you were before, protect yourself! The simplest form of shielding is visualizing a ball of white light surrounding your entire body. Use an intention such as: this ball of white light is filled with Reiki energy and shields me from everyone’s energy that is not of the highest and greatest good (or divine), all energies are send down into the earth to be grounded and neutralized, and touching the bubble does not destroy it. Play around with the visualization and intention. You could surround yourself in armor or so many other ideas. Look into it and play with it.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself. Play with Reiki. Develop your own techniques. You’re still a new baby Reiki practitioner. You’re not expected to go out and know absolutely everything there is to know about Reiki. Take classes from different teachers, read books, magazines, websites (be sure to check for crazy people though…). Build your Reiki toolbox however you want.

Reiki isn’t going to judge you if you decide to never use it. Reiki isn’t going to leave you. Reiki is a support pillar, it will help heal you on all levels, you just have to trust it and yourself.  You’ll get to the next level in time, don’t rush yourself.

Love Light & Reiki

Sierra aka Reiki Playground

P.S. are you looking for a support system of Reiki peeps? How about the Reiki Playground community? There are lots of useful resources here at Reiki Playground in the articles and the shop. Even the freebies are useful. Take a look around and see what you can find. If you have questions, just ask.

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