Let Reiki Help You Get Unstuck

Let Reiki Help You Get Unstuck

Sometimes we get stuck. We can’t come up with new ideas, projects, something creative, etc. Maybe we are in a funk with life. We can’t get motivated to do ANYTHING. That crap gets super frustrating doesn’t it? I know it annoys the hell out of me.

Maybe you might have an idea, but no idea how to go about it. Or you want to get motivated, but just not happening. I’ve got a bit of advice for you. Let Reiki help you get unstuck

No matter what level you are, you have the ability to tap into Reiki to pull you out of the muck.

In Reiki 1, you don’t have the symbols, but don’t let that stop you. Get in your Reiki space, breathe, and just run the Reiki. Set the intention that Reiki flows for your highest and greatest good, but also to help you through whatever your stuck problem is. Reiki will not remove the problem, but it will help you work through it and get past it.

Let’s say you lack motivation to write an essay for school. Reiki won’t necessarily give you the kick in the pants to make you write it. But it will help you come up with topics and creatively get it done once you start. Try it next time. If you have a project, essay, idea, whatever that needs to get done and you can’t come up with a solution, try Reiki.

With Reiki 2 you have symbols. To utilize the symbols in the above example I would get in my Reiki space, run the Reiki with my intentions, but also I’d draw the first and second symbols. The first symbol to just give a bit more of a punch to my intentions. The second symbol to help get me in the right mindset to get to work and receive the solutions Reiki will present to me. I might physically draw with a pen on a piece of paper and start writing what ideas come to me. Or just intend that something comes to me and do all the planning in my head.

I will give you a warning…I don’t recommend doing Reiki for getting unstuck or motivating yourself before bed if you want a good nights sleep. Your mind will be running with all sorts of new ideas, adventures, the need to get up and do something. Instead I’d run Reiki and the intentions for solutions in the morning and let my mind work all day. Or in the afternoon where I still have time to work out details.

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