Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You!

Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You!

January 1, it’s a new year! Now it’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve you and release everything that is 2014. Do it, let it go. Don’t let it hold you back anymore.

Let go of anger.

Let go of worry.

Let go of fear.

Let go of hate.

Let go of hurt feelings.

Let go of grudges.

Let go of misunderstandings.

Let go of lack.

Let go of your inner critic.

Release yourself from self-imposed high expectations.

Release yourself from needing to be liked.

Release yourself from new year resolutions.

Release yourself from doing stuff you just don’t want to.

Release yourself from feeling judged.

Release yourself from allowing judgement of self and others. 

Release yourself of feelings of unworthiness.

Bring in LOVE.

Bring in LAUGHTER.

Bring in LIGHT.

Bring in HEALING.

Bring in REIKI 😉




Bring in SELF WORTH.

Bring in MOVEMENT.

You can let go by:

You can always do a burning ceremony to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Remember to actively make sure you’re letting things go by not dwelling on them later!

Meditation is always good too, if it’s something you’re into. You can do a walking meditation out in nature and ask for signs to letting go. Or a guided meditation to talk with your guides and/or angels to ask for their support in the new year and in releasing what you need to.

Journaling can be eye opening. Write about what you’re needing to let go of. What’s making you hold on to what you need to release. Why is it important to you to release the problem. Make the decision to let go. Burn the paper, or keep it to remember why you’re letting go.

EFT is helpful and…interesting. (Youtube it, there are tons of resources).

You need to remember:

Don’t get upset if releasing isn’t immediate! You have to actively work to make it happen in some cases. Let it flow and you’ll be fine.  Always remember reiki can help.

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