Learning to Meditate

Learning to Meditate

[Originally posted September 19, 2013 on my old site The Spirituality Seeker (now owned by someone else after I let the domain go).]

Learning to meditate can be daunting. There are so many guides and different ways to get started. Many people start meditating for stress relief, others to calm their minds, and others still because they think they have to, or should. Some get stressed out when they feel they don’t meditate right. Some get frustrated when they can’t quiet the mind chatter and get down to meditate. It’s all good. Whatever your reason is to meditate, it’s the right reason for you. If you feel that you should and it doesn’t resonate with you, then don’t. No one will force you to meditate. And no one will force you to meditate a certain way.

I know I was frustrated when I started looking into meditation. One book said you have to sit in lotus position, put your hands in a certain way, and breathe in only through your nose and out only through your mouth. That lasted for all of about ten minutes. I think I threw that book across the room.

Meditation should not be uncomfortable.

Another book told me that I had to have an absolute clear mind before I could learn to meditate. That book, I didn’t even try. Isn’t meditation suppose to teach me how to clear my mind?! Finally after many more books and online guides I found one that resonated with me. It told me that I could meditate in any position I wanted. It said I could breathe however I wanted. I could have a wandering monkey mind. Then it gave me an exercise that is the easiest, yet most hardest meditation I’ve ever done. Count down slowly from 100. Count and every time your mind wanders start back to 100. This meditation is a good starter. This meditation shows you how much your mind does wander, yet it allows you to correct it. It took me a couple of days to get to 1 without stopping. I could normally get to 60 before I had some issues and my mind wanted to go on a different direction.

Now that I had the ability to calm the wandering chatter (for the most part) I thought it was a good idea to try out other flavors of meditation. My next experiment was guided meditations. I had previously tried guided meditations, but because the nomad of my mind wouldn’t stop roaming they weren’t effective. I discovered that I really enjoy guided meditations. I can allow my mind to follow the new environment introduced to me from the speaker. Guided meditation is absolutely my favorite kind of meditation. I don’t have to count, I don’t have to worry about coming up with my own visualizations. I just have to turn on the iPod, listen, and visualize. It’s very calming.

Currently I tend to meditate while I perform self Reiki right before going to sleep. I like to put on a guided meditation, lay in bed, do the hand positions, and visualize. I think meditation adds to Reiki. Sometimes I will lay there and do a visualization on the fly. A favorite is imagining my chakras as tiny balls of light, then pouring colored lava into the balls of light to help them grow and get energized. Sometimes I’ll visualize the balls of light super tiny, then explode them out. Just the act of purposefully Reiki-ing myself is a wonderful meditation.

Steps for a good meditation practice

  • Pick a time and place that works best for you.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. The world isn’t going to end if you can’t meditate.
  • Relax.
  • If it isn’t working, (you can’t get comfortable, can’t calm down, keep getting disturbed, etc.) stop, come back later, and/or try a different method.
  • Meditate as often as feels good for YOU.
  • Play with different types of meditation and find one that resonates with you. Nothing is set in stone.

Whatever you find works for you, go with it. If it starts to get stale, or you don’t enjoy it anymore, then move on to a different method. As long as you feel better afterwards I wouldn’t worry about a thing. There is no absolute proper way to meditate, there are just many different paths. My next meditation adventure will be walking meditation.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Meditate”

  • I just found your site, and I think it’s wonderful. I struggled with meditation at first, tried it numerous times, and usually would give up out of frustration. I’m glad that I decided to give it another shot. I eventually learned how to quiet my mind, which for me was the biggest hurdle and using guided meditation is what allowed me to get to that place. Now i find that I can get to a quiet state of mind without the guide and it’s wonderful. It just takes practice, a little perseverance, and like you said….finding what works for you. I’m of course still learning, but I feel that I’m heading in the right direction.

    Meditation and guided hypnosis eventually led me to look into the energy within myself. I started looking into auras and the energy system of my being… Which eventually led me to discovering Reiki…which is how I ended up here on your site!! It all seems to confirm what I’ve known deep in my soul all of these years. I have always been very spiritual, but have been slowly abandoning my true self, and the peaceful and loving energy of my higher power. I’m now on a journey to rediscover myself and the one who gave me this life.

    Years of addiction to alcohol, amongst other issues, completely depleted my energy. Although I have only had a handful of slip ups
    In the last few years, and I am not actively participating in my addiction, I have still felt completely drained and to sum it up…spiritually sick. This has gotten worse and worse over the years, but it was so very gradual that I didn’t see what was happening.

    My love and zest for life had left me. Although there are physical symptoms (depression and fatigue mainly) I know in my soul that it runs much much deeper than that. My spirit has been suffering, and no pill or length of sobriety is going to heal my condition. I am so very excited learn more about all of this, and to set off on my journey. I’m ready to heal! I will reference your site frequently, as you seem to have a lot of wonderful insights and knowledge to share. I apologize that this turned into such a long comment! Thank you for the info you provide. I Iook forward to reading through your blog!

    Have a great day!


    • I’m so glad you found Reiki Playground Danielle, we are happy to have you here <3. I'm glad you are on the path to start healing yourself. It takes time, but the journey is so worth it. Lots of love heading your way 🙂

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