Keeping Reiki Simple

Keeping Reiki Simple

The more I do Reiki the simpler it gets.

Place hands and let it flow. Don’t worry about this, or that. Just simply become immersed in Reiki.

Yes, it is that simple. But what complicates things?

Finding time.

Allowing time.

Feeling unworthy of this time.

Thinking you can’t possibly do this for yourself.

Not feeling a connection.

Not knowing if what you are doing is “right”.

Wanting to play with crystals too.

Wanting to work with the chakras.

Trying to add in different types of healing at the same time.

Not remembering what the symbols look like.

What other excuses have you used to make Reiki overly complicated?

Today’s challenge is keeping Reiki simple. Don’t use crystals, don’t add chakra balancing, don’t tap, don’t use oils, or anything extra. If you need to, play calming music.

Don’t get caught up in shiny object syndrome, especially if you are new to Reiki. Give Reiki a chance to work its magic before you add extra flavors. Allow it to integrate into your being, become Reiki. Do it every chance you get…like in the car, waiting in line, in class. (You can find more suggestions here, and here, and here). Everything does not have to be perfect to give yourself Reiki.

Remember why you started Reiki in the first place. Remember how good it feels to place Reiki charged hands on your body. If you can not remember the last time you gave yourself Reiki make today the day you revive your practice! Go forth and lay your hands on your body and simply Reiki!

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