Just For Today

Just For Today

Just for today

This moment.

This second.

This breath.


Do not worry about tomorrow, yesterday, or what is happening a month from now.

All that matters is now. Just for today.

Be kind to yourself, others, animals, those different from you, those you don’t understand, those you might want to punch in the face.

Watch what you say. The world needs more positivity.

Stop the judgement.

Create art.


Dance. Wildly.

Cry. Unapologetically.

Laugh. Uncontrollably.

Enjoy. Flamboyantly.

Love. Unconditionally.

Forgive. Always. Yourself, others, your “enemies”, your friends.

Give thanks.

Just for today. This one breath. This one second.

Let everything else fall away.

Remember…it’s okay to slip up, no one is perfect my dear. It’s okay to restart. I know I’ve slipped up, everyone does. Be gentle with yourself. Perhaps try some affirmations or breath prayers. Try some gassho meditation.

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