Is this the year you Ignite Your Reiki Passion?

Is this the year you Ignite Your Reiki Passion?

I have seen so many people get attuned to Reiki and then don’t use it and wonder what they need to do to really get into it. Does that sound like you? Are you ready to start utilizing Reiki in your everyday life and be really excited about it?  I want to help you create the Reiki passion you deserve to have.

If you want to Ignite Your Reiki Passion this year ask yourself these questions:

How do I want my Reiki relationship to look this year?

This question can be a real doozy. If you have a good relationship with Reiki, you may not want to change a thing and just maintain the good times as they are. There is nothing wrong with that!

If you have no relationship with Reiki as in, you are attuned, but you never use it. You may want to evaluate how you’d like to include Reiki in your life. You could ask yourself what you are afraid would happen if you started using Reiki daily. What would change?

Maybe you wish to have a more structured self-Reiki practice. You could start a daily Reiki ritual by setting aside time every day at the same time every day for the same amount of time every day. Like 3pm every day for 20 minutes. Or 10pm bedtime but instead of reading you do Reiki instead.

What is my ideal Reiki filled day?

Now that you know how you want your Reiki relationship to look this year, try writing about your ideal day and include how you would like Reiki to be in your life. Be as elaborate or as short as you like. It could be something like:

I wake up at 8:30am every day and start my day with Reiki for 30 minutes before I get out of bed at 9am. I then take a shower that has been infused with Reiki before starting hot water on the stove for my daily morning Reiki tea. I do a few simple stretches as my water heats up. Before I pour my water over my tea bag I place my hands on my tea cup and Reiki giving thanks for this day. Sipping my tea I savor every single drop, not thinking about the day ahead staying in the moment. After my tea I sit in gassho and listen to the Gokai song (while singing along) before I get to the tasks of the day. While completing each task I Reiki for the best outcome. Around 3pm I take time out to do about 30 minutes to an hour of Reiki on myself before going back to my tasks. At 9pm I start winding down and take time to hang out with my sister for the rest of the night. As we watch tv or doing our individual tasks I Reiki. When it is bedtime I go to bed and Reiki until I fall asleep.

Of course, you come up with what works best for you. Make it as spiritual as you like, make it as enjoyable as you desire.

What distractions keep me from embracing my daily self-Reiki practice?

What is it that makes you go–5 more minutes, then I’ll really stop and Reiki…then it never happens because it’s another 5 minutes and another and another until you have completely forgotten that you were going to Reiki yourself. Write all these distractions down. What can you actually eliminate? What can you try and modify to be helpful?

Perhaps you have kids or pets that take up a lot of time. Instead of making Reiki a chore where you have to find special time for mommy or daddy try and include the kids and or pets. Show kids the hand placements. Teach them a little bit about Reiki. Place one hand on yourself and one on the cat. Simple little things. If that doesn’t work see if you can find a sitter. Or Reiki during nap time. Orrrr Reiki the situation and see what solution comes to you that way ;).

Maybe your distractions are work related. Maybe you have a 9-5 with a short lunch break, then you have class afterwards and you just can’t figure out a good time to Reiki. Right before bed is a good time! But also you could split lunch time half for Reiki half for eatting. Reiki while driving (or riding). Try setting a timeout timer for 5 minutes and Reiki then.


Your daily self-Reiki sessions don’t have to be long. You can start short and build up to the time you wish to dedicate to self-Reiki. For now evaluate how you want your Reiki relationship to be this year, think about your ideal Reiki day, and finally what is it that keeps you from doing daily self-Reiki? Start placing your hands on yourself in short little increments if you need to. Make it doable for you.

These are just a few questions and suggestions to ponder on.

How can I help Ignite Your Reiki Passion? I’ve got a program for that 🙂

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