Introduction to Past Lives [Guest Post: Karen Downing]

Introduction to Past Lives [Guest Post: Karen Downing]

Today we have a wonderful guest post today by Karen Downing of Aurora’s Message. Past lives is something that completely fascinates me and I’m super excited about this post. As Reiki practitioners we know we can heal the past. Have you tried going to a past life to see how it has affected you in this life? This is an excellent introduction!

To understand past lives first takes an understanding of why learning about them can assist us in our lives today. Our past life memories store vast amounts of information about our emotional well-being and areas of expertise. Have you ever witnessed a child say or do something that they could not have possibly known? Then you have witnessed the power of past lives.

Past lives, much like our present life, are filled with both good and bad experiences. The experiences that lifted us up and built our self-esteem in our past lives, are the sources of many of our gifts in our present lifetime. The experiences that created fear, anger and sadness in our past lives, are the sources of our challenges in this life.

When you are tuning into your personal challenges, and you move beyond the present life causes, there can still remain a question of where does that belief, emotion, or fear come from?

That is the question that can be answered by exploring your own past life dynamics. So, how do you explore them?

One of the finest ways to do this is to watch a movie or TV program that touches on similar themes as what you experienced in a past life. For example, let’s say that you are a talented musician, but are experiencing frustration with your music getting out there to the world. Your expertise in music comes from a past life experience, where you had used your talent before.

When you watch the story of someone who has undergone similar experiences, it can assist you in drawing out any hidden pieces from your own past life experiences. By connecting with a past life dynamic in this way, it will highlight where you feel struggle, and also where you feel confidence. By revealing that information, you will be better equipped to move beyond the struggle and embrace the confidence.

Have you ever wondered if you have been a healer or intuitive before? Did you experience any challenges in those lifetimes? And, if so, are those challenges the source of any fears or limiting beliefs you hold onto today? Tune into these past lives from your soul memory; discover the epiphanies in the answers that are revealed to you.

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