Ignite Your Reiki Passion! Join Us Today!

Ignite Your Reiki Passion! Join Us Today!

Okay, so normally I don’t write whole blog posts about things I have to offer. It’s just not something I do. But today, I want to really showcase Ignite Your Reiki Passion. ‘Cause, I’m not sure that peeps are seeing it, and it’s awesome…

Ignite Your Reiki Passion Join Today! See what it's all about!

You see, lots of Reiki folks tend to create a 3-4 month mentoring package that’s like hundreds of dollars. You get a call a week, lessons fit for what you want to learn, and other stuff. So you have to schedule time to talk to someone, decide what you want to do with the mentor, and lots of other stuff.

With Ignite Your Reiki Passion I’ve taken out the stress and anxiety I know a lot of us suffer from receiving mentoring. I also don’t charge hundreds of dollars for just a few months. How does $30 USD a month sound? And you can cancel any time? Psh, awesome I know.

In Ignite Your Reiki Passion I’ve created an easy to use mentoring system to help you on your Reiki journey. You get pre-recorded guided meditations and mini-workshops each month on the monthly theme. Plus, a small closed facebook group of people that are going through the same journey as you. While there are livestreams in the facebook group, you don’t get on video and can talk with me through the chat function. Meaning, no phone anxiety!

Ignite Your Reiki Passion is excellent for anyone that:

  • Thinks they don’t have the time for self-Reiki.
  • Feels unworthy to practice self-Reiki or self-care in general for whatever reason.
  • Don’t even know where to start with their self-Reiki practice.
  • Feels lost after taking a Reiki class.
  • Wants to get back into Reiki after a time without using it.
  • Struggles with trusting their intuition.
  • Just wants someone to help them out on their journey.
  • and more!

Ignite Your Reiki Passion is really about helping you:

  • Gain confidence in your self-Reiki practice.
  • Trust in Reiki and your healing.
  • Feel a deeper connection with yourself and Reiki.
  • Understand how to share Reiki with others.
  • Start a plan of action for your self-Reiki practice.
  • And more.

If you’re ready to leapfrog over the hurdles that keep you from having a daily self-Reiki practice then I’m your guide. I’ve been there and now I have a practice I love and hella confidence in it. Which means I have confidence to take clients and help others on their path.

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