How I Use Cho Ku Rei with Clients

How I Use Cho Ku Rei with Clients

Yesterday I talked about Cho Ku Rei and some fun ways you can use it. Today I wanna talk about how I use Cho Ku Rei with clients. Honestly, I use to almost never use the symbols during a session, personal or with clients. I would do my little symbol experiments for myself. Just to see what happened. Then I decided to play around with the symbols on clients…just to see what happened. I discovered that Cho Ku Rei was my favorite of the symbols, it’s easy to remember and fun to draw.

Here’s the thing. I almost never start off using a symbol. I start with Reiki doing it’s thing and assessing the client. I use my intuition to decide when to use a symbol and how.

How I use Cho Ku Rei with clients

Seal & Heal

At least that’s what I call it. When I come to a spot that feels like there is an energy leak or a rip or it just needs it, I draw CKR over the space with the intention to seal the hole and heal it. Then I move on. CKR is doing the work as I continue on with the session. Periodically I’ll come back to the spot to check that it’s healing and most of the time it’s good to go by the end of the session.

Aura Bubble

Again that’s what I call it haha. At the end of a session I stand at the head of the client and draw a giant Cho Ku Rei. The client is within the spiral of the symbol. I visualize the symbol going down the body and putting them in a bubble of  Reiki. I intend that the bubble is with the client and  filled with Reiki for as long as the client needs it and once the need is complete that the bubble goes away.

Walk in Your Power

I draw Cho Ku Rei on the bottom of my client’s feet and say “may you always walk in your power.” I feel like this helps empower them to take the next steps on their healing journey. I do this either at the end of the session or when I get to the feet, it just depends on the day and the person. Sometimes I change the wording, “may you walk with grace”, “may you walk gracefully on your path of healing”, “may your path be filled with ease and flow”, but my favorite is “may you walk in your power”. Again, it depends on the person, day, and intentions.

Chakra Charge

Whenever a chakra feels off I’ll draw Cho Ku Rei over the chakra. Then I visualize Cho Ku Rei going into the chakra intending that the chakra becomes cleared, balanced, and charged.

Alrighty, that my dears is how I use Cho Ku Rei with clients. Do you have any tips and techniques to share? I’d love to read them in the comments!

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