Hit the Road Jack: Releasing What Doesn’t Serve You

Hit the Road Jack: Releasing What Doesn’t Serve You

We’re (basically) six months into 2015 already and it’s a good time to remember to let go. We talked a little bit about it in January…the ultimate month for releasing the old year, but we tend to forget that after Jan. 1 we can still continue on the path of discarding the crap we don’t need. January isn’t the end month to wash our hands of the muck that sticks to us.

This month has actually been a knock on the head to cut loose the ties that bind in more ways than one. First at woman’s circle Let Go was brought up several times, then during a tarot reading, again during tarot/oracle practice group, random conversations, etc. The message isn’t just for me, it’s for everyone. We hold on to much more than we should. Funny thing about letting go, it can happen in an instant if you allow it.

Recently I was driving to my favorite place on the other side of town when suddenly a silver blue Prius jets out in front of me. Seeing the back of the vehicle covered in bumper stickers, I think it’s duhduhduhhhhhh the guy I was crushing on about 5 years ago.

I’m not talking tiny crush, I’m talking I was a bit obsessed crushed (but not stalk him at Target bad…). We went out a lot, I thought he liked me like I liked him. I was heartbroken when he didn’t. Eventually I moved on, but in the back of my head (and anytime he was brought up) I resented and hated him. I gave him a colorful middle name.

So when I saw this car I started cussing up a storm, verbal bitchslap. Out of nowhere this song comes on and I started laughing and belting it out like no tomorrow. It was the switch I needed to allow me to finally let go of him. HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON’T YOU COME BACK NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE! HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON’T YOU COME BACK NO MORE!!

Fully and completely I’ve finally released the grudge I was holding onto like it was my job. I feel lighter and happier about the whole situation. The funny thing…it wasn’t even his car!

Releasing what doesn’t serve you can be one of the hardest parts of continuing on your road of self-love/discovery/healing.

You get bound up in the need to have problems/grudges/issues/etc. It defines you. And it’s very hard to unlearn. Why I felt the need to continually diss on that particular guy is beyond reasoning. He toyed with my emotions, but I let him. Because of him though I know what I can and can’t tolerate in a relationship and for that lesson I thank him.

Last month I learned a very karma friendly way of letting go of critics. I shared it in my newsletter, but I’ll share it again here. It’s the 3 Bs:

  • Be Well
  • Be Safe
  • Be Gone

Since learning the 3 Bs I’ve used them to help me let go of a lot of people, the monkey mind, self-doubt, and whatever else I needed to release. I highly recommend trying it at least once + maybe an appropriate song to sing your heart out with 😉

What’s the most interesting or fun way you’ve released something that’s been gnawing at you?


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