3 Grounding Techniques That Aren’t Visualizing Tree Roots

I previously talked about grounding here. Check it out for a quick rundown of the what and why of grounding. Today’s short video is three more grounding techniques to help that don’t involve visualizing tree roots. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

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Grounding Techniques Transcription

Hi! I’m Sierra Koch from Reiki Playground dot com and today I want to talk about some grounding techniques. So I’ve got three grounding techniques to talk about today. And they may be well known they’re just not talked about a lot.

So why ground anyways? So grounding helps bring you into this present moment and helps center you. So when people talk about grounding and centering it’s really it’s bringing you into this moment now. And I know a lot of us, we like to live with our head in the clouds. I’m definitely one of those people so I need to constantly remember to ground myself.

So I’ve got three techniques I want to talk about. And the first one I’m talking about is pulling in the aura.

Pulling in the Aura

So when you do this you’re really calling your aura back to you. Because sometimes when you’re ungrounded your aura is like out to the universe and out floating around getting into everybody’s business. So you need to call it back and pull it into you.

So this is super easy to do and really it’s all with your intention. So if you wanted to you could just simply stand, eyes closed or open, I like to do it with my eyes closed. And imagine or intend that your aura is back. It’s close to you. Now I like to visualize it close like like skin or like a wetsuit. So I just imagine that it’s close to me. I kind of imagine a sound like (makes sound). So I imagine that it’s close. Close to me maybe like even clothes.

So if you don’t like the wetsuit idea, close like clothes and if you want to you can take your hands and like physically bring your aura back to you. Like this (demonstration) and imagine that it’s coming close and you can actually like touch yourself or just kind of hover whatever feels most comfortable to you (demonstration). And this is really calling your aura back and then you can smooth it out and see how you feel after you do that. You should feel really really grounded in your body, if not, you can try a couple these others techniques. So I’ve got two more to talk about.

Touching Things

The next one is I’m just going to call it touching things. But what this does is it gives you something physical to touch so you’re grounding your energy into the ground through this object or your intention.

So I like to touch walls. So I will touch the wall and imagine that all of my energy is going to my hand and then grounding into the earth. And I also do the first technique where I am imagining my aura coming in. So you can do this on walls. You can do it if you’re sitting down, you can hold on to the sides of your chair. I do that a lot too. But you want something physical and that is grounded so like walls are really good. You can do doors or door frames or chair or something like that.

If you have crystals that you like to use you can hold on to the crystal and imagine that your extra energy goes into that imagine that your aura comes in and that you’re grounded. But having something physical there to hold is what it’s all about because it gives you that whole something to hold on to so if you’re not good at visualizing that physical item is going to help.

So touch walls, touch doors, touch the floor’s fine. You can use the floor so if you feel like laying down on the floor and imagining what you don’t need going into the earth and calling in your aura try it.

Third Eye Thump

So this last technique I have is a little harsh. I think anyways. And it can be painful, but it’s super quick and I call it the third eye thump. So you’re just gonna thump the third eye (demonstration) and you kind of want to do it (demonstrates) so don’t be like little gentle (demonstrates).

I mean if you want to do (demonstrates) something like that, that it’s all good, but I don’t want to say smacking your third eye, but doing something physical there is going to ground you. Because it’s gonna be like oh what’s going on.

So it grounds you. It’s a little harsh. So if none of the other techniques work definitely try that one see what happens.

It’s not gonna close your third eye it’s just going to be something physical for you to do to yourself that’s just gonna be like oh yeah I need to be present here.

So do it after you’ve done something like maybe like after self-Reiki if you really need to ground quickly. Try that.

So those are my three techniques I wanted to talk about. Try them out. Especially if the visualizations where you imagine that you’re growing roots. If that doesn’t work for you definitely try the pulling in the aura, and touching things, and the third eye thump. Try it all! So I’ll see you later, have a good day!

Do you have any grounding techniques that you like? I’d love to hear about them! Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Colin D.
    Colin D. says:

    Hi Sierra! Thank you for these grounding tips, just what I needed to read! Things nowadays often get really hectic in my life. It is really good to ground myself and get back to reality once in a while. Love the techniques you mentioned especially the aura one I will try to pull my aura back to me today. Love that we can all learn from each other in an endless circle.

    All the best,


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