Get Grounded, My Friend

Get Grounded, My Friend

Sometimes in life we go off to la-la land…well I do anyways. We get lost in dreamland and reality feels like suckage. Bring on the fantasies! Hello, Imma space cadet, how are you? That’s when we know we need to get grounded ourselves.  

Why do you want to be grounded? Makes things so much easier. Your head won’t be off in the clouds, and people won’t be so irritated with you (no guarantees though 😉 ).

After a Reiki session it’s important to be grounded. I know I’m super spacey after a session and have to walk around a bit before I can drive. You want the person you’ve just worked on present and in the moment, not worrying about every thought that’s running through their head.

How to know you’re ungrounded:

  • Spacey
  • Head in the clouds
  • Unfocused
  • Uncharacteristically upset/frustrated/irritated/negative

Ways to ground:

  • Lay or sit on the Earth
  • Walking around barefoot outside
  • Hug a tree
  • Hold onto some hematite, or pyrite
  • Meditate and visualize roots growing from you into the Earth and intend that you are grounded
  • Journal out the reasons you feel ungrounded, your dreams, your “stories”
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Eat red meat

How long to do this? Around 30 minutes, but mostly until YOU FEEL grounded. If it takes 2 hours just do it.

Why Ground?

  • Back to NOW!
  • Feel amazeballs
  • Get back to center
  • More focused
  • Refreshed
  • Inner calm

If you don’t know if you need grounding, do it anyways and see how you feel afterwards. More than likely you’ll feel better.

How do you ground? How often?

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