Gassho Meditation

Why Gassho Meditation is Important

What is Gassho?

Simply putting your hands together in front of your chest, a lot of people like to call this prayer position. Simple right? It is, yet I’ve run across people attuned to Reiki that have no idea what it even is. This frustrates me. Gassho is part of a well-rounded Reiki practice and leaving it out gives the student an incomplete practice to work with.

What does Gassho have to do with Reiki?

Gassho isn’t solely in Reiki, you see it in other spiritual practices as well. In Reiki, we do gassho mediation and we place hands in gassho to start a session giving thanks for Reiki and those that came before us while also setting our intentions for the session.

Some teach that we should focus on the spot where our middle fingers meet, but that’s not required. During meditation, we concentrate on the sensations of Reiki flowing through our body. We also focus on the Reiki Principles. We state our intentions for the day, for the Reiki session, for this moment in time.

You can add fancy breathing to the mix. Or focus on the energy in a certain way, such as starting with your root chakra and moving up. Essentially we are following the energy, but the point is quieting the mind, so don’t add too many extra flavorings. Keep it as simple as possible.

Why is Gassho Meditation Important?

Meditation, in general, has been proven to be beneficial to our health. It reduces stress and allows you to be more focused in your day to day life. Gassho meditation helps calm and focus our mind, brings us to center, and opens our hearts. It is the art of quieting the mind. It is easier to live presently when we do gassho meditation daily.

Usui taught that we should do gassho meditation twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening while reciting the Reiki Principles. I suggest doing gassho meditation anytime you feel frustrated and out of focus when you need to take a break when you need to find center and certainly before any Reiki session on either yourself or someone else.

How to do Gassho Meditation:

The quick easy version:

  • Sit comfortably
  • Place hands in gassho
  • Breathe deeply and continue to focus on your breathing
  • Allow Reiki to flow and notice where it goes
  • Continue for as long as you desire

Extras to try:

  • Recite the Reiki Principles during this time
  • Set your intention for a Reiki session
  • Set your intention for the day
  • Give thanks

Were you taught gassho meditation? If so how often do you do it?

6 replies
  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    I was taught Gassho as part of the reiki system and I too think it is an important part of the practice. If nothing else, it brings us into that quiet space and teaches us compassion and allows us to set our pure intention.

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I don’t remember being taught gassho as part of my reiki one but it found me eventually, and I teach it as part of my reiki training. Thank you for the article

  3. Barbara Wood
    Barbara Wood says:

    I was taught gassho but I must admit I don’t do it every day. I will make an effort to get the habit. I know it is helpful. Sometimes I go over the five principles with my hands in the gassho position before I go to work. That is very helpful although I wonder about people seeing me in my car meditating, lol.


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