Should You Study or Offer a Fourth Level of Reiki? Guest Post by: Gina Briganti

Today we have a guest post by Gina Briganti of The Reiki Cafe! Her post is excellent and answers the question “should you study or offer a fourth level of Reiki? Continue on to read what Gina says!

Should You Study or Offer a Fourth Level of Reiki?

Should You Study or Offer a Fourth Level of Reiki?

I would say yes! Immediately get in touch with your Reiki teacher and ask about Level III (ART). I’m talking to you, Level I and Level II students. I’m also talking to my fellow Reiki Master Teachers, who I cherish for spreading Reiki in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. But this isn’t about me; it’s about you, and your Reiki path.

Now, let’s back up and talk about the step between Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher called Reiki Master. It also goes by the name of Level III Advanced Reiki Training (ART).  True, it’s optional in most cases. Some teachers do not offer it and some who do make it an option rather than a requirement. If you’re ready to go from Practitioner to Master Teacher and your teacher agrees, so be it. Reiki will guide you and your teacher. There’s no doubt about that.

Before you decide to make that jump, consider the possibility of taking the Reiki Master Level and the Reiki Master Teacher levels separately.

The benefits of taking ART are endless. You can adjust to the energy you receive during your Advanced Reiki Training! It’s hard to put into words how far that will take you. As a writer, I’ll put it into one word: invaluable. You can learn and practice an abundance of advanced techniques like divination, guided meditation, chakra balancing and a multiple of treatment techniques. This is extra time to hone your intuition and your communication with Reiki.

Then, when your skills are advanced and you have adjusted to Reiki Master energy, you can study the Reiki Master Teacher level. Now you can make that training all about how to teach, what to teach, where to teach, what to charge for your classes, how many students you will accept in each level, whether you will co-teach, how many classes you will offer in a year, how to perform an attunement, which books you will recommend, etc.

See the difference? Level III (ART) and Level IV, Reiki Master Teacher, are worlds apart.

So Level I and II students, do you think you would like to study Level III (ART)?

Teachers, is it time to add it to your class offerings?

Whatever your answer, I wish you many Reiki blessings as you study and teach Reiki.

Thank you for the time we have spent together today. I am honored to share time with you. Thank you, Sierra, for being a great playmate!

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Gina Briganti became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2007. Since her introduction to Reiki in 2006 she has been humbled by the miracles of Reiki. To learn more about classes, workshops, services and how she blends Reiki with holistic nutrition visit The Reiki Cafe is publishing a Level III (ART) Manual later this year.

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