Five Ways To Add Reiki To Your Life RIGHT NOW!

Five Ways To Add Reiki To Your Life RIGHT NOW!

We know Reiki is a wonderful thing, but sometimes after we’ve taken our classes and have been away from our teachers for a bit we start to forget about it.

We forget to Reiki ourselves every night, and then wonder why we feel like crap-ola in the morning. We forget to Reiki our shower/bath water and then don’t feel as refreshed as we use to. Maybe we forget that we even took the Reiki class! Blasphemy! Here are five super easy and quick ways to reintegrate Reiki back into your life RIGHT NOW.

1. Give thanks. 

2. Show kindness. 

3. Be cheerful.

4.  Work honestly.

5. Live in the moment. 

See what I did there? 😉

Living the Reiki principles is the best way to integrate Reiki into your life. They are part of Reiki for a reason, to be mindful. The principles aren’t ancient woo-woo secrets. These are seemingly simple ways to live life in peace. Realize Reiki is always in our lives whether we acknowledge it or not. We don’t need weird tricks or tips to add something that’s always with us. Reiki is already here, and all we have to do is follow the path it’s led us down. You already know what you have to do 😉    

How do you follow the Reiki principles? Do they pose a challenge when you wish they wouldn’t? I know I’ve had problems…How about rewriting the principles? How do you add Reiki to your life? Share with us in the comments! 🙂 Feel cheated by this post and want more? Check out, 20 times to add Reiki, read about finding time for Reiki, and making time for Reiki.


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