Finding Reiki Practice: 20 FUN Ways to Sneak Reiki In

Finding Reiki Practice: 20 FUN Ways to Sneak Reiki In

Finding Reiki practice can sometimes seem like a pain, but only if you think you need someone else to practice on. Remember, you can practice Reiki on yourself. Always. You aren’t going anywhere, right? Reiki is so versatile you can do it on the fly. Why have you gotten out of Reiki practice? There are no excuses here! I’m Coach Hardass again 😉

20 FUN ways to sneak Reiki practice in.

  1. Send Reiki to the person in front of you in line at the store or next to you on the bus. See if they act like they notice anything…validation!
  2. Write…YES, write a letter and as you’re doing that fill it with Reiki, then Reiki the closed envelope and send! Okay okay…you can Reiki an email if you want, but what’s the fun in that?
  3. Reiki seeds before planting them. Reiki the Earth and water before planting the seeds!
  4. Sitting in front of the tv? Set your intentions and start Reiki-ing yourself, others, or world events. Bam relaxing and Reiki-ing!
  5. Send Reiki to the people you read about in the newspaper. Good news, bad news? Everyone can use Reiki!
  6. Gotta get some homework done? Reiki your book, Reiki your head, get to studying. You should be able to retain the information better. Draw SHK if you have the symbols.
  7. Have a big presentation? Get Reiki flowing, place your hands on your heart for a few seconds/minutes, then on your throat. Allow Reiki to flow for the whole presentation.
  8. Call someone up on the phone and send Reiki while talking to them, notice if/when anything changes.
  9. Staring at the computer screen all the time? Reiki your computer with the intention that every time you are on it you receive Reiki.  Better yet, make your background screen pretty-fied with Reiki symbols and it will constantly remind you that you’re receiving Reiki all the time. Sounds awesome right?!
  10. Anytime you give out a business card or resume (or fill out an application), Reiki it first.
  11. Go to a store, pick an object, give it Reiki, put it back. Know that someone is going to get an awesome Reiki gift some day.
  12. Got an oscillating fan? Reiki it with the intention that it blows Reiki. Draw CKR on the front if you have the symbols.
  13. Reiki a calendar for the highest and greatest good for all that see the calendar.
  14. Reiki a baby’s mobile so it receives Reiki when the mobile is spinning.
  15. Reiki a globe or map, then watch/read the news the next day to see how many feel good stories there are.
  16. Reiki a music cd with the intention that anyone that hears the music receives Reiki. Doesn’t have to be a Reiki music or anything spiritual. Reiki a Spice Girls cd and pop that baby in the cd player.
  17. Reiki your favorite writing utensil. Ask that it helps with inspiration. Add your favorite journal to the mix and you’re writing gold!
  18. Reiki lotion before you put it on. Especially if you have super dry skin, that gets very painful! Reiki all things that go on your skin or in your body! Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, food, drink! Reiki it alllllll!
  19. Have a bully? Send them Reiki and forgiveness, see what happens next.
  20. Reiki a clock or watch so that anyone that sees it feels like they have plenty of time to do what they need to, and receive Reiki for their highest and greatest good.

Woot! 20 fun ways to sneak some Reiki practice in your day. Now a note on sending to peeps…do you need to seriously ask permission before sendig? Uh, no. Reiki can do no harm and if they don’t want or need the Reiki then they won’t be open to receiving and in essence will reject it. If it would make you feel better you could ask them for permission, or ask their higher selves. Whatever floats your boat!

Have you played with Reiki? What fun things have you done?

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