Reiki Playground’s Favorite Reiki Resources

Reiki Playground’s Favorite Reiki Resources

This posts is short and sweet. I have compiled my all time favorite Reiki resources to share with you. (None of these are affiliate links).


  •–This website by Pamela Miles is by far my favorite. Everything is down to earth and she really makes you think. If you are like me, your first introduction to Reiki was very woo woo oriented. Pamela takes everything you thought you knew about Reiki and makes you question it. I love it.
  •–Is run by Frans and Bronwen Stiene. They have dug deeply into Reiki research and I love what they put out. The information is easy to understand and also down to earth.
  •–Stands for the International Association for Reiki Professionals. It is full of information on running a Reiki business and has lots of helpful information.
  •–This is probably the most known place for Reiki information. It has information ranging from basics to metaphysical type topics. It can be difficult to navigate depending on what you are looking for so take the time to dig through it.
  •–If you enjoy animals and doing Reiki on them I totally recommend this site. There are excellent posts on helping your furry friends.
  • Of course I am putting in my own 😉 Reiki Playground!


I am a huge reader. I just love sticking my nose in a good book. These are the books I have found have helped me the most in my Reiki journey. Some are specifically Reiki, some are not.

  • Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, Pamela Miles
  • Reiki for Life, Penelope Quest
  • The Reiki Manual, Penelope Quest
  • Self-Healing with Reiki, Penelope Quest
  • Reiki for Dummies, Nina L. Paul
  • The Reiki Sourcebook, Browen Stiene & Frans Stiene
  • Hands of Light, Barbra Brennan
  • The Healer’s Manual, Ted Andrews
  • Magick of Reiki, Christopher Penczak

Do you  have a favorite Reiki resource? Share it in the comments!

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