Explaining Reiki

Explaining Reiki

How do you explain Reiki?

How often do you go into how it heals all your ails, keeps you calm, and whatever superpowers you have attached to it when you start to explain Reiki? Slowdown and hold your horses! Do you know how bat shit crazy you sound? To the people that are not on the Reiki or “woo-woo” train, you sound like you’ve lost your mind, and they are going to call bullshit.

“Energy healing? What’s that? Attunement? This sounds like a cult! Sounds fake, you’re just selling a placebo !”

Heck! Maybe it’s the opposite and they drool over your words and can’t wait to get their hands on those sweet sweet superpowers you speak of. Neither of these people benefit from an explanation of Reiki that skips the Reiki Precepts. And there are a lot of people explaining Reiki without the precepts.

These 5 simple precepts or principles if you prefer, are what makes Reiki practitioners not sound crazy. It brings in the spiritual practice of Reiki and gives it more creditably.

Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Do your work honestly

Be thankful for your many blessings

Be kind to everyone and everything

We take these words for granted when it comes to explaining Reiki. We want to skip the “boring” parts and show all the fun things it can do…at least in my findings anyway. The first explanation of Reiki to me was full of woo, not much else, and I of course was a drooler.

The precepts prove that while we might absolutely enjoy the energy healing benefits of Reiki the most, there is far more to it than that. It’s not all channeling energy and woo-woo, Reiki is a whole package dealieo. You can walk this path anywhere you are, any stage of your life, any religion/non-religion, etc.

So when explaining Reiki, don’t start with stories about how you cured someones cancer, no, no you didn’t, they did. Remember, you aren’t the healer, the person on the table is, you just set the space for the healing to take place. Don’t start with the story about healing broken bones, fixing dead batteries, or whatever other cool and awesome things Reiki has done. Sure, those are excellent marketing strategies, but they aren’t helpful to someone that doesn’t know whether it’s right for them or not. Take the newcomer by the hand and show them the non-woo side of it first to get their feet wet. Show them that Reiki is useful for everyone, we live a path that is in alinement with good, not some perceived evil.

How do you explain Reiki to noobs?

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