This is the end for Reiki Playground

This is the end for Reiki Playground. Before you wonder, I still LOVE Reiki, it’s the bestest thing ever! And crystals are still a big part of my life too. 

This retirement has been a long time coming. There are many reasons I’ve finally come to this decision, but the biggest is that I no longer enjoy having a website. It’s time to move on.

If you’re local (Evansville, Indiana USA…or surrounding areas) I’m still taking clients and doing classes in real life at The Bead Angel. My website for the local stuffs is Adventures in Reiki if you wanna check that out or sign up for that mailing list. 

I feel that Reiki Playground still has value so I won’t be pulling the plug just yet. It will simply be floating on the internets. Not updated, not changed, no tech support (unless you’ve made a purchase in the shop and need tech support surrounding the purchase), no emails, no Facebook group, no social media accounts, just being.  

With that said. Since I will no longer have a mailing list I am removing the password from the free Reiki resource library. 

Thank you, everyone, whether you’ve been with me from the beginning or have just recently found me. I am so happy and grateful that I could be of service in some way to you. 

Thanks for everything! And may your Reiki journey continue to grow and flourish!
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  1. Amanda Hadley
    Amanda Hadley says:

    Hi Sierra,
    I just wanted to say what a shame you have decided not to continue with Reiki Playground. I’ve only just found it! I really like your writing and style and you have a wonderful way of sharing information. So much content and commitment. A real pleasure to sit down and browse the site.
    I wish you great success in whatever path you follow,

  2. Lori
    Lori says:

    So sad to see this come to an end. I just discovered Reiki Playground and I love your style – very fun, playful, and informative. Thank you so much for sharing all of this great information – it’s been a joy browsing the site and reacquainting myself with this lovely gift that is Reiki. I wish you all the best! Quick question – is your Reiki Playground Facebook group also coming to an end? I sent in a join request a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

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