Earth Day and Reiki

Earth Day and Reiki

Today is Earth Day, a time to help the environment and everything in it. To celebrate, there are several things you could do to help the planet, and utilized Reiki at the same time.

Plant a tree or other plant

  • Reiki the seed or starter
  • Reiki the water
  • Reiki the groundliftarn_Earth_in_gentle_hands
  • Run Reiki as you plant the tree
  • Remember to Reiki every time you water

Reiki an animal

  • Ask the animal’s higher self if it’s¬†open to receiving Reiki (if you believe in asking first)
  • Reiki as long as the animal is willing

Be sure this is a willing animal, wildlife probably won’t let you, so use your furry, feathered, or scaled friend as a stand in for the animals of the world ūüėČ

Reiki the Planet

There are several ways to do this:

  • Reiki a globe or other surrogate
  • Reiki a¬†world map
  • Reiki a crystal

You can Reiki events going on so they go smoothly, Reiki just because, Reiki to give Mother Nature a boost, Reiki Reiki Reiki! What can you think of?

Do I need to be a level 2 with the fancy smancy symbols to do distant Reiki?

Hellz to the no man, hellz to the no. Reiki is about intention. Set the intention that you’re sending Reiki to the Earth,¬†everyone one and everything on it for the highest and greatest good, then run the Reiki. IT’S ALL GOOD, and it seriously is that simple.

Make this Earth Day wonderful by adding Reiki to anything and everything you do today that is environmentally friendly.  How did you boost Earth Day with Reiki?

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