Drowning in Desperation?

Drowning in Desperation?

Desperation. It’s a whiny ass little bitch.

Yes, I just typed that.

Desperation makes us do crazy shit. Like have insane prices, go off our path, inflate our egos to make ourselves feel better, or makes us think there isn’t enough room for us too in the reiki realm. It’s an ugly ugly thing.

Desperation and it’s annoying insistent voice tells us there isn’t enough. I have to do this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this. Just to make ends meet. Just to get what I want. To get myself out there. To get business. To blahblahblah…whatever.

Are you flailing around in a desperate stupor, alienating your friends, colleagues, students, clients, etc.? Because you think this next “thing” you’re doing or adding to your reiki practice will be THE “thing” to get you out of the lack mindset and catapult you into riches? Take a friggin chill pill* and realign with your vision (or reinvent it). 

People can smell desperation and fear, and we know when it’s no longer about the healing and all about the money. And you know what? It feels icky.

Once you hit freakout mode everyone can tell you’ve lost your mojo. Your clients might dwindle. Your classes don’t fill up. Your friends leave you. Not because you’re “growing too big for them” or “too advanced” like all the books and blogs say happens when you’re actually growing, but because your energies now suck balls and no one wants to be around you.

The attitude of desperation drives peeps away. Sucks doesn’t it?

How can we crawl outta the crapstorm of desperation?

First off…take one or a couple of big deep breaths of fresh air. Did any of the above trigger you in any way about yourself or someone you know?

Omg…I’m drowning in desperation:

So, you’re the desperate individual. Congrats on realizing this. Not all the peeps going through this realize when it happens, or they deny it up and down til they are blue in the face.

Grab something to write with/on.

  • How’d you get this way? What drove you to this space of lack? Be honest, no one else is gonna read this.
  • What is your relationship with the reiki principles? How can you reintroduce them into your life?
  • What does “Just for today” mean to you?
  • What IS your vision with reiki? Larger client base? More students? A bigger toolbox. What are steps to help you get there?
  • Do you over project how many students/clients you’ll get?
  • Do you use reiki on yourself everyday? If not, why not? How can you start a self reiki practice?
  • What got you interested in reiki in the first place? How can you bring back that excitement? Eliminate the need to earn money, what makes reiki exciting?
  • Re-evaluate your practices. Are you being truthful in what you can do skills wise or just listing things that sound good?
  • Calm the monkey mind.
  • Apologize to your peeps. If you’ve got friends that no longer hang around because you’ve changed for the worse–apologize for being a d-bag**.
  • Apologize to yourself. For seriously write yourself an apology. Include steps to make things better.
  • Talk to someone you know well and get their honest opinion of how you’ve been acting lately. Keep an open mind, this might hurt.
  • Let go of ego.

Ugh, I know a person that’s drowning in desperation and I’m totes done with that crap:

You’re the friend/client/student/etc. that’s irritated at your friend/practitioner/teacher/etc.

  • Send reiki to the person, they need it. Put them in your reiki box if you want and send them constant reiki.
  • Reiki yourself, reiki the situation. Ya need it.
  • Express your concern. They might not realize what’s going on.
  • How are you handling the situation? How does it affect you? Does it really affect you at all?
  • Let go.
  • How is your relationship with the reiki principles?

If all else fails you might have to go to extremes for your highest and greatest good:

  • Cut cords.
  • Stay the heck away, you don’t need their bad juju.


There is always enough room for you to have your own reiki practice if you want it. You don’t have to act like the next big thing. You don’t have to play up everything you do besides reiki. You don’t have to have a bagillion years of experience behind you. You don’t have to resort to acts of desperation. And no, you don’t have to do anything for free…ever.

What you do need is to have passion. Just like people smell fear and desperation, they are drawn to those with passion. Passion gets you excited, it wakes you up. It draws people to you, they want to bask in your light, they want to be passionate too.

*Not an actual pill. Basically, take a deep breath…

**douche bag…

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