Drawing the Reiki Symbol Sei Hei Ki [Video]

Drawing the Reiki Symbol Sei Hei Ki [Video]

Today I’m sharing a video showing you a trick I learned in a Reiki 2 class on how to remember the parts of Sei Hei Ki. Here’s drawing the Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki.

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Drawing the Reiki Symbol Sei Hei Ki

Hello everybody, this is Sierra from reikiplayground.com. And today we’re talking about drawing Sei Hei Ki.

So you see I have my little drawing of Sei Hei Ki. And I’m gonna give you my one little tip. Now this tip I can’t take credit for, I learned it in a Reiki 2 class. Um the teacher can’t take credit for it either ’cause she said this came from one of her students.

So, the tip to draw Sei Hei Ki, is to remember: lightening bolt, number five, candy cane, and two bumps. It’s not really a candy cane looking thing, but that’s what the student said. So, that’s what the teacher had shared with us.

So I’m like, Harry Potter, number five, a curve, and two bumps. So that is your tip for drawing Sei Hei Ki. I’ll see you next time.

Do you have a tip for drawing the Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki? If so I’d love to know it, share with us in the comments.

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