[Ask Reiki Playground] Do I need to be reattuned?

[Ask Reiki Playground] Do I need to be reattuned?

We got a really good question over the weekend! Thank you Lettie!

Hey Sierra! I was attuned in 1990 for Reiki 1 then 1994 for Reiki 2. I used it for probably a decade then life took a turn and I haven’t used reiki since about 2005 or so. What is my best bet? Do I need to be reattuned? Thanks! All my love, Lettie M., USA

Do I need to be reattuned?

GREAT question Lettie and the super short answer is no. You absolutely do NOT need to be reattuned. Once attuned always attuned! However, you may want to and here is why:

Reasons to get reattuned:

  • Refresh your memory of the Reiki basics.
  • Fresh start.
  • Remember what you have forgotten.
  • Maybe something new has come into play since your last class that would be interesting to you.
  • Class experience with people you don’t know, but can become Reiki friends with.
  • New hands-on experience.
  • You may feel Reiki better with a new attunement added to your old ones.
  • You just want to.

Reasons NOT to get reattuned:

  • You have all that you need to Reiki. Just remember hands-on, Reiki on and practice. It may take time to feel Reiki like you use to, but you’ll get there again.
  • Reiki sticks with you for life. You never have to be reattuned.
  • Perhaps you don’t want to get reattuned and that is fine too!

That’s my answer for the question do I need to be reattuned to Reiki. What say you? Share in the comments! Just need help with feeling the energy? Check out my post on Reiki Rays about increasing hand sensitivity. Or maybe you need a peptalk?

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