Ask Reiki Playground: Do distance attunements work?

Ask Reiki Playground: Do distance attunements work?

We have another wonderful question today:

“Hi Reiki Playground! I have a dilemma. I get regular reiki treatments, around 2 a months and I love them. I have been thinking however that I want to learn reiki for myself. There is no one in my area that teaches reiki. I’ve looked into taking a reiki class online. How does that work? Do the attunements work or do I have to take a class in person? Thank you! Love Melissa B.”

What an awesome question Melissa!

I personally believe that distance attunements do work.

Obviously, I’m a pretty open person and not super traditional. Others will say heck no, they don’t work! YOU MUST BE ATTUNED IN PERSON! However, Reiki is all about intentions. If distance attunements doesn’t work, then distance healing doesn’t work, and practitioners know that it does. Distance Reiki of any kind works or it doesn’t, it can’t be both. I can’t believe that distance healing does work, but the distance attunement doesn’t, that just doesn’t make sense to me. So my opinion is yes, distance attunements work.

There are several ways teachers send distance attunements.

Some do chi-balls, some send like a distance healing, and some do it over webcam. Find your preferred method and a teacher that resonates with you and you’ll be good to go.

Before taking distance classes there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

In an in-person class setting you get interaction with others and build wonderful new friendships. Also, you get tons of practice time to make sure you’re understanding and feeling what’s going on. By taking distance classes you’ll have to find your own people to practice on and there is not immediate feedback from your teacher. Experiences might crop up that you don’t know how to deal with and the support of a teacher and classmates is irreplaceable.

If you intend to later on start doing sessions for other people and charging you might have to prove yourself more than someone that has taken an in person class. Paying clients want to see that you know what you’re doing and some are leery on online learners when it comes to Reiki.

If it feels like something for you to try, do it. You could decide later to do an in person class and that’s just fine.

That’s my thoughts. If you have other beliefs and tips for Melissa, share with us in the comments! If you have a Reiki question you’d like answered don’t hesitate to ask it!

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