Dai Ko Myo Third Eye Visualization

Dai Ko Myo Third Eye Visualization

Today I want to share the Dai Ko Myo third eye visualization, my most favorite of Dai Ko Myo exercises. I use this powerful visualization when I feel like my energy needs to be cleared, want a quick(ish) full body healing, desire an energy boost, or whenever I feel like it. I just set different intentions.

If you’ve read some of the other posts on the other three Reiki symbols you know that I am big on visualizations. This exercise is no different. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you can’t visualize, it just takes some practice. Keep on keepin’ on and you’ll get there!

Dai Ko Myo Third Eye Visualization

Dai Ko Myo Third Eye Visualization

Start in gassho and set intentions. Some of the intentions I use depending on what I’m using this visualization for are:

  • My energy be cleared fully and completely of ______, so I can continue with my day without putting any more energy into what isn’t for my highest and greatest good.
  • I am fully healed, whole, and healthy.
  • I ask that this stomach ache (or whatever is bothering me) is cleared fully and completely so that I can go back to feeling healthy and whole.
  • I am fully energized and functioning at my highest vibration.

Place your hands where you’re drawn to. A lot of times for me it’s my stomach.

Take some deep breaths.

Visualize a bright white Dai Ko Myo in front of your third eye, like it’s hovering there. It is not on the third eye.

When you have a clear picture of Dai Ko Myo, imagine that it slowly makes its way through your third eye, into your head, shining out the top of your head, then slowly making it’s way down your body and out through your feet into the earth.

Allow Dai Ko Myo to transform into a pillar of white light if you feel that would be easier for you. Be sure to visualize the movement of Dai Ko Myo to be slow. Slowly allowing each cell of your body to be touched by Dai Ko Myo. Feel each part of you filled with the white light of Dai Ko Myo.

When you get to your feet imagine that anything that’s not for your highest and greatest good is released out into the earth. Ask that this energy is neutralized.

You can start the visualization a second time if you wish if you feel like you need a second sweep of things. Or you can end after the first run through. When you’re done, thank Reiki and Dai Ko Myo, then do some grounding work. Stomp around if you want. Drink some water. Then forget about it and go about your day or go to bed.

Dai Ko Myo third eye visualizations can be a very powerful addition to your Reiki toolbox.

Whatever you’re intention is, this visualization can be used to help bring it through. You can even use this visualization with a client. During a session (distant or in person) visualize Dai Ko Myo going into your client’s third eye and moving through them instead of yourself. Be sure to talk to the client and see what their intention is.


  • Go from the crown instead of the third eye to feel the difference.
  • Try with Cho Ku Rei instead. Play with both symbols and feel the difference.
  • Visualize Dai Ko Myo in different colors to see if they have different feels for you.

Have you done a Dai Ko Myo third eye visualization? If not try the one above and let me know what you think! If you have, I’d love to hear about it!

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