Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol

It’s time to get cozy with the symbols again. This week we dedicate to Dai Ko Myo master symbol! If you wanna start from the beginning, though, Cho Ku Rei week, Sei Hei Ki week, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen week.

Dia Ko Myo Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo (DKM) Sounds like: die co me-oh, co like coed or cold.

Just like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo is actually kanji instead of a “made up” symbol. So it’s actual characters. These characters can be translated in different ways. Great Shining Light or Great Enlightenment are two ways Dai Ko Myo has been translated.

Dai Ko Myo is duh duh duhhhhh the Master Symbol. You can receive it anywhere from ART/3 or Master/Teacher, depending on what path you take. So what is it’s special purpose in your Reiki toolkit?

Dai Ko Myo helps with passing attunements. It’s said to enhance all of the Reiki symbols and Reiki activities making everything stronger. It’s more high vibing than the rest of the symbols.

To me Cho Ku Rei feels very root chakra, Dai Ko Myo on the other hand, is very crown chakra. It helps us connect to spirit easily and anything that’s high vibrational. For me, Dai Ko Myo energy is slow moving, but extremely effective. I like it better with affirmations and goals than Cho Ku Rei.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Dai Ko Myo helps you learn and work with your inner knowing and truth. It helps us find and accept our path to where we’re supposed to be. It’s really a reminder to yourself that you are perfection. Like a beautiful faceted diamond.

Dai Ko Myo’s mission is to help you become the fully healed person you wish to be and to heal you on a soul level. It’s here to buff and shine you up! Sometimes it’s not gonna be comfortable. The healing when started, will take the course that is required to help you the best, just like Reiki always does, but more intensely.

Ways to work with Dai Ko Myo

  • Meditate with DKM. Get the feel for it for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask it questions. Yep, while in meditation ask DKM questions! I suggest starting in gassho. Set the intention to feel, work with, and ask questions of the Reiki symbol DKM. Then meditate for a bit, perhaps drawing DKM over and over or visualizing it in your mind.
  • Chant Dai Ko Myo. Compare the results with chanting any of the other symbols.
  • Journal about/with DKM. Perhaps ask: what does the symbol feels like? How do you use the symbol?
  • Experiment when passing attunements. Try with and without DKM to see which is more effective. Maybe don’t try on new students, but established students that can give you feedback…
  • Try any of the Cho Ku Rei exercises with Dai Ko Myo instead. Compare how the two symbols feel.

How do you utilize Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol? Share with us in the comments!

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