Cutting cords: 3 Techniques

Cutting cords: 3 Techniques

Cutting cords, one very important aspect of any energy work. It disconnects us from the energy of our clients, people that drain us, and so much more.

 Attachments and ties are other ways to say cords. In any case they attach to you and don’t let go unless you do something about them. What follows are three techniques I suggest.

Before we begin there 2 important points to make:

  1. Always ask if it’s in the client’s (or your) highest and greatest good to remove the cord. It’s easy, simply ask in your head, with a pendulum, dowsing, etc, and see what your answer is. (You’re asking the higher self if it’s okay, not the actual person). If the answer is yes, chop away. If the answer is no, there is still more to learn from those attachments, or they just aren’t ready to let go.
  2. When you remove a cord, fill it up with reiki, love, light, etc. This way the cord can’t form back quickly. You can also ask that the cord doesn’t come back at all.

Karate Chop!

The karate chop technique is the most widely taught in Reiki classes. Generally you’re taught this for your safety. Swiping your hands in front of you to remove the client’s energy. Your right hand starts at your left shoulder and moves down, and your left hand starts at your right shoulder and moves down. Simple.

However don’t stop there. You can use this technique for clients. You’re simply using your hands like they are swords and cutting off the cords. It looks a lot like smoothing the aura at the end of a session, but instead of smoothing, you’re chopping. It’s all about intention.


Ring of fire

My favorite visualization comes from a book called Ready for the Woo Woo Stuff? by Lawrence Hyde. Seriously, the book is amazeballs. I’ve modified the visualization just a tiny bit though.

  • Imagine a ring of fire around your feet. I use white or gold light. You can use any color you want as long as it feels like it’s going to sever the cords.
  • Your intention is to remove any and all cords that serve no purpose and are harmful. (You can of course create your own intention).
  • Visualize this ring of fire slowly going up your body. It does not burn you, but it takes away all the attachments that are connected to you.
  • When you get to your head slowly move the flames back down your body. Make sure that all ties are gone. You can intend that the flames cauterize the area the cords are removed if you want.
  • Then move the flames back up again. This time you are filling the severed spots with love, light, reiki, etc. You might want to change the color to pink, or green for the second time around.
  • Lastly, move the flame down again and send all the excess energy to the earth to be grounded and neutralized.

More on visualization here.


Pretty much what you’re doing is wielding a selenite wand like a sword. You’ll move the selenite through the cord with the intention of it severing. You can intend to cauterize the space as you go through it if you want. And you can fill the space up with crystal energy by placing a crystal(s) where the cord was.

More on using selenite here.

In a nutshell, these are the steps to removing cords:

  • Step 1: Ask permission.
  • Step 2: Chop those cords.
  • Step 3: Fill with reiki (white light, love, etc…whatever feels right to you).

What techniques do you use?

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