5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Reiki and Crystals Together

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Reiki and Crystals Together

I love Reiki. I love crystals. I use them together quite a bit. There are multiple ways to use crystals with Reiki, here are 5 to get you started:

Quick and easy ways to use Reiki and crystals together

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Reiki and Crystals Together

1. Place a crystal at each chakra. One that corresponds with the chakra. Generally, the corresponding crystal is one that is the same color of the chakra. Do your research to find ones that resonate with you. Example: carnelian (orange) on the sacral chakra.

2. Have the client (or yourself) hold a crystal in each hand. In the left hand, place one that has energies that the client needs to bring into themselves. In the right hand a crystal to help send out. I like to place rose quartz in left hands to help bring loving energies into someone if that’s what they need. I tend to put black tourmaline or calcite in right hands to send out negativity.

3. Set a grid empowered with Reiki under the table, bed, chair, where ever you work. Intend that the client (or yourself) get the full benefits of having the crystal grid. Or whatever intention you desire.

4. Empower crystals with Reiki and the symbols. Wear the crystal(s) or set them where ever you need them: Your office, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

5. Use crystals to help you direct Reiki during a session. I’ve used crystal points to draw the symbols over chakras before. I’ve also used them to draw symbols over places that just needed a boost. A couple of weeks ago I used a Lemurian seed quartz crystal to draw the power symbol on my right hip to concentrate Reiki and other healing energies. It worked wonderfully.

quick and easy ways to use reiki and crystals together

What are some ways you use Reiki and Crystals together? If you don’t use them, why not?

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