Connecting with Crystals

Connecting with Crystals

It’s no secret that crystals are a huge part of my Reiki practice. Crystals were in my life first, my gateway to energy and metaphysics. One of my favorite things to do with my crystals friends is to get to know them. It’s an easy step to miss when you start working with crystals. You might get caught up in the what can this crystal do for me, instead of how can we be friends and work together (that’s one of the reasons I don’t recommend scouring books before choosing your crystals).

Each crystal has a personality. One rose quartz may want to help you with your love life and another on self-love. One amethyst may be super sassy and another may be really mellow. The smallest crystal you have may have the biggest impact in your life. Connecting with your crystals will help you discover how best to work together.

Simple tips for connecting with crystals

  • Meditate with your crystals. I suggest 1 crystal at a time otherwise, it can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do anything long and in-depth. Simply watching your breath and holding the crystal is enough (maybe try some breath prayers?). Notice the crystal energies as you go deeper into meditation. What sensations do you feel? It’s okay if you don’t feel anything to start with. Notice your emotions, notice how your body feels. Where do you feel the crystal energy? Guided meditations can be helpful if you have problems keeping your mind still.
  • Talk to your crystals. Yep, talk to them. Tell them you love them, they are pretty, sing to them, read to them. Let them know you enjoy them. Ask them questions and listen for an answer.
  • Pet your crystals. Any physical contact. Get to know every curve, every line, every dip, every crack. Memorize how they feel. Learn how to distinguish one from another without seeing them. Learn their energy.
  • Look at your crystals. This goes along with talking and petting. Gaze at your crystals. Enjoy how they look. Memorize the way they look.
  • Wear your crystals. Notice how the crystal feels when you wear it.
  • Clear your crystals. You know the smudge thang, perhaps a rinse under water, maybe some moonlight or sunlight. That kinda thing. Takin’ care of their energies and making sure they aren’t bogged down by yuck.
  • Sleep with your crystals. Sounds weird, but put one or a few in your pillow case and ask them to come into your dreams to help you learn about each other.
  • Reiki your crystals. Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without adding Reiki to the mix.  You can meditate and Reiki your crystals at the same time if you want. Or simply offer Reiki to your crystals whenever you feel like it and see what happens. Most crystals I’ve offered Reiki to really enjoy it. They also help amplify the Reiki energies.

Do you have an easy way to connecting with crystals? I’d love to read about it! Please share in the comments!

Connecting with crystals! You have your crystals now it's time to connect, but where do you start? I have 8 simple ways for connecting with crystals for you to try! Enjoy!


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