Confidence in Reiki Practice: Releasing Self-Doubt

Confidence in Reiki Practice: Releasing Self-Doubt

This post has been chillin’ in the “drafts” box for months. Rewritten three times and just plain put on hold. Then today we got an excellent question in the facebook group on how to stop doubting yourself. Also, lots of people doing the survey are expressing doubt and lack of confidence in their Reiki practice. So today let’s talk about confidence in Reiki practice. When I talk about Reiki practice, in general, I mean your personal self-practice not a business practice. For now anyway, business practice would be an entirely different post.

The One Key to Confidence in Reiki Practice

You have to practice. You can’t get around this. You have to Reiki to build confidence in Reiki. It wouldn’t hurt to Reiki yourself for confidence too 😉 write your name on a piece of paper, then write confidence underneath and go to town Reiki-ing it…but also don’t forget to actually Reiki yourself. Don’t let the paper do all the work for you.

Reiki is like learning how to type, you take a class, but if you don’t practice you won’t memorize the keyboard or pick up speed or have any accuracy. Hunting and pecking and stumbling your way through a document is no fun, neither is wondering if Reiki works or is doing anything. I had lots of Reiki struggles starting out, believe me, I get it.

Like learning to type, trusting Reiki can take time. Trusting yourself can take time. Rushing it does no good. The only way to get past all this is to practice.

We learn that once you’re attuned Reiki never goes away, it always does what is needed. Practice Reiki with the confidence that even though you may not feel or notice anything it’s doing what is needed at the time whether it’s what you want worked on or not.

More Tips on Releasing Doubt in Reiki Practice

  • Make practice a game. Reiki things to see what happens.
  • Get rid of expectations. Go into practice with just the thought that you are practicing Reiki without any expectations.
  • Practice on anything and everything. The cat. The dog. The hamster. The goldfish. Your art project. Your thesis. Your make-up. Your winter coat. Your favorite shoes. Your bed. Your morning smoothie. Your midnight snack.
  • Practice on everyone that lets you lay your hands on them…with permission only!
  • Get sessions from other people or go to Reiki shares.
  • Journal about your doubt. Why is it there? What can you think of to help get rid of it?
  • Journal about Reiki.
  • Gassho meditation
  • Study the principles.
  • Go to classes by different teachers as refreshers, for a different perspective, variety, etc.
  • Read as much as you can by Reiki historians…I LOVE James Deacon’s Reiki Pages.
  • Experiment with your own ideas.
  • Practice Practice Practice!


Would you like in-depth help with your Reiki practice? I’ve got the thing for you! Ignite Your Reiki Passion is a magical Reiki playground 😉 designed to help you on your path to Reiki confidence and daily practice.

What are your tips on building confidence in Reiki practice? I’d love to read them, share with us in the comments!

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