Community Guidelines

Hello and so glad you joined us in the Reiki Playground Facebook Group! Woots.Reiki Playground Facebook Group Guidelines

What We Are About

This group is for fans of Reiki Playground and Reiki in general, to share virtual space and help each other out. You are free to ask questions, suggest techniques, request Reiki healing, interact with Reiki peeps, and most of all have fun while you’re here.

You can ALWAYS ask questions whenever you want. You can ALWAYS ask for healing & support. And you can ALWAYS post helpful articles/resources that you have found.

This is a REIKI, CRYSTAL, and ENERGY HEALING group. Please keep it on topic. Anything other than Reiki, crystals, and energy healing will be deleted.

Daily Themes

Each day we have a post with the theme of the day. The themes are:

Monday Gratitude: We share three things other than Reiki we are grateful for. Of course you can always add more than three.

Toolbox Tuesday: I share a tool peeps use in Reiki and how I use it, then it’s your turn to share how you use it.

Wednesdays Reiki Question of the Week:  We have a random Reiki question for the week.

You can get the free no strings attached journal prompts ebook that I pull my Wednesday questions from here:

Thursday Manifesting: Share with us what you’re manifesting, if you need help (like with wording or added energy), whether your manifesting came to pass from the week before. You can use this thread for accountability too.

Crystal Friday: I share a crystal and how I use it/feel the energy. Then it’s your turn to share how you use/feel it.

Saturday Weekend Challenge: I give a challenge for the weekend. Then we report back after we’ve done it.

Sunday Healing: Share your name or what you want/need healing with. Then send healing to those that have already posted. If you have an emergency need for Reiki please post whenever, but if it’s something that is a continuous thing please post here.

How to get the most out of this group

Ask questions, participate with the daily themes, comment on other people’s posts, introduce yourself to us, share your experiences.

Types of posts that are welcome:

  • Share your experiences
  • Ask for help/tips
  • Inspirational
  • Reiki questions
  • Crystal questions
  • Energy healing questions (EFT/Tapping, essential oils, angels, spirit guides, past lives, akashic records, oracle/tarot cards, etc. all considered energy healing, but no guarantees that anyone knows anything about it 🙂 )
  • Need support or encouragement

You may share your Facebook business page as a comment here:

If you’re not on the Reiki Playground email list you totes wanna be. You get access to the FREE Reiki Resource Library! Get access here.


We no longer allow promotions (promos) to be posted whenever. Only on designated posts to be selected by Sierra, no more than three times a month if at all. Promos must be related to the group. Yes, crystal jewelry, Reiki sessions, aura cleansing, etc. No, jamberry, sunglasses, shoes, etc. If you are unsure just message me. Any promotion posted outside of the designated promo post will be deleted. 

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POST RELEVANT LINKS OF YOUR STUFF WHEN YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS. As long as you are being helpful it’s okay. If you have posted an introduction and are being helpful weekly then I have more leniency on a few things. 

What’s considered a promo: blog post, video, event, facebook page (outside of the designated file), facebook group, sale offer, sharing directly from your facebook business page, branded pictures.

If your post is deleted it came across as spam/didn’t feel right for the group/wasn’t appropriate/was a promotion outside of the correct thread/etc…if it’s gone do not post it again.

What Not To Do

  • Do not create an event for Reiki Playground.
  • No facebook live-streaming…this may change, but for now, no.
  • Do not upload anything to the files.
  • Do not share directly from your Facebook business page. If you have a quote, picture, discussion, etc. you want to share, share it to the group directly. Unbranded, meaning no business name or website url on it.

What gets you removed and blocked from the group

  • Your first post is a promo outside of promotion threads. Like you didn’t even introduce yourself first you just post your ad. RUDE. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the group for years. If your first ever post is a promo you’re out.
  • You only post your own “stuff” like blog posts or videos and never comment on other people’s posts or interact with us. You only use the group as a dumping ground. How rude!
  • You post t-shirts from sunfrog or other place and no other interaction. Barf, no thank you.

P.S. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me…you just may have to post and tag me in the group that you sent me a message so I know to look in the “others” folder.