Clear Quartz: Electrifying

Clear Quartz: Electrifying

I totally have that one Grease song in my head now. The one where John Travolta goes ELECTRIFYING. Anyway…back on topic! Clear quartz is a go-to first time crystal for many beginners. It’s easy to use and a chameleon. What I mean by that is that clear quartz can take on the properties of any crystal you desire, you just have to ask, and program/attune it. I personally like to use clear quartz as clear quartz. Unless you NEED another crystal that you don’t have, then you don’t really need to attune it to a different crystal.

Clear quartz helps in all healing sessions. They amplify a Reiki treatment, and afterwards you can give the client a Reiki charged crystal from their session to help continue the healing process. You can direct Reiki with a clear quartz point. And the best thing (to me anyways) is if you’re having problems wrapping your head about energy healing to begin with, clear quartz will help solidify that it’s real.

A fun little exercise to do to freak yourself out…

If you haven’t already tried it, that is.

You will need:

  • A partner, or by yourself, but it’s better with a partner
  • Clear quartz point

What you’re doing:

  • One partner closes their eyes and offers the other their open palm
  • The other takes the clear quartz and directs the point to the open palm
    • Make circles
    • Draw Lines
    • Play…
    • But DON’T physically touch the palm
    • Try from a couple inches above the palm to a foot above

Have fun with this!

You should feel….something. Like someone is lightly touching you, that’s the power of energy tools. It might feel like a jolt of electricity. To up the cool factor, start running Reiki and push it through the point. You can do this exercise on yourself, however if someone does it for you then you won’t know when or where to expect he feeling 😉 Makes it so much cooler when you do feel something.

If you aren’t feeling anything, or aren’t sure you’re feeling anything, it’s okay. Take a break and come back. Rub your hands together to get those hand chakras open. Start running Reiki then try the exercise. Don’t worry or stress out about it. You just might need to up your subtle energy practices by testing constantly, nothing wrong with that.

I did this with my sister before writing up this post. I knew it worked, but she’s been a bit leery on crystals. And even though she’s recently attuned to Reiki 1 she’s not sure she’s feeling anything. I told her to close her eyes and give me her palm. I started making circles and she immediately pulled her hand back and opened her eyes. “I felt that!”, I just smiled…then told her to close her eyes again 😉

Now that you’ve felt the power of clear quartz, let’s apply it to a Reiki session

Several basic ways to do this:

  • Direct Reiki to a chakra (or any body point) with a quartz point
  • Find a point of pain on the client and place the quartz with the point out. Run Reiki so that it sends the pain out through the crystal and intend that the pain is neutralized.
  • Use a quartz point as a sword for cord cutting, much like selenite
  • Place a tumbled piece of quartz on each chakra to help clear them, use the intention that the chakra is cleaned and cleared.
  • Place a clear quartz grid around the client, preferably place the grid on the Reiki table. This amplifies the Reiki session.
  • Do a quartz layout on the client to amp up the session even more!

Clear Quartz

Quartz comes in a heck of a lot of different flavors. Amethyst is a type of quartz, aventurine, citrine, and many many many others. Clear quartz (well just about any quartz 😉 )not only amplifies Reiki, but also any crystal it’s by. Using clear quartz with any number of other crystals creates a mighty powerful crystal grid and/or layout.

Quartz, being a hard stone can be energetically cleaned any way you like. They should be clean before and after each session. While they are excellent boosters, they are also easily influenced and absorbent. Clear quartz is interesting because when they get energetically dirty you can see it at times. Sometimes they look like they are harboring storms, or dark galaxies. Examine your clear quartz and see if they seem a bit foggy. Some clear quartz are a bit milky looking to begin with so that might be their natural color. Others have what are called phantoms. Knowing what your clear quartz looks like when it’s clean helps you know when to clear them.

How do you use clear quartz?

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