Chakras: You’re Using Them Wrong

Chakras: You’re Using Them Wrong

More than likely you’ve learned about the chakras, it’s pretty standard in a Reiki class now-a-days. You might know there are 7 main chakras, probably know what they do, and what each are affected by. Wonderful, fantastic, awesome, and wrong.

Okay, not completely wrong, but everything is skewed to wanting to blame each individual chakra for whatever realm it rules. That’s too black and white, cut and dry, and for the most part–doesn’t fix the problem, does it? 

There’s this saying. Get back to center. Find your center, center this, center that…blah blah blah. What the crap does that even mean? It’s said in meditations, yoga, rituals, etc. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I fought with it for years, thought it was a maturity thing. So I tried to calm my mind, be “centered” and composed. Didn’t work out so great, gave up, only to come back to it again much later and still frustrated. I was getting it completely wrong.

Back to center means to get back to heart space. Our heart chakra is our center chakra (in a 7 main chakras system). It is the chakra that we feel the most, feel our connections with, send out and receive love. It’s THE chakra that calls ALL the shots. 

The other chakras. They are used to help figure your way back to center, to heart energies.

Root chakra acting up? Why don’t you feel worthy of stability, or any of the other countless root chakra problems? The unworthiness is felt in the heart so hard that it calls in help from the root chakra. When you realize that you are completely capable, allowed, and worthy of a life full of stability, or financial success, etc. then your root will be a happy camper again and so will your heart. Sure, you can do everything you read about to get your root happy again, but until you realize it came as a sign from the heart chakra, you’ll be doing the root tango for years.

The chakras give us an outline to examine ourselves, but we tend to get it all wrong.

It’s always, oh I’m having problems communicating today, must be a throat chakra problem. No, no it’s not. Examine why you are having throat chakra problems. Are you afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Are you afraid to express your desires because of ridicule or worse, rejection? Are your lips sealed so you don’t spill the beans? All heart chakra pleas for help. You can feel another person’s heartache and it is so sad. Being ridiculed or rejected feels like getting punched in the chest doesn’t it? Keeping secrets allows us to be trust worthy, doesn’t it pain us in the heart when someone we love or care about  decides we aren’t worthy of their trust? Heart, heart, heart, heart! It was just masked in the throat to give hints on where to focus self love and attention energies.

Everything stems from the heart chakra. Get back to center to have a happy chakra system!  

Examine your chakras. What is your heart chakra trying to tell you? What chakras feel outta whack? What is the heart chakra connection to those chakras?  Acknowledge the heart chakra emotions connecting the chakras and you’ll be good to go.

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