Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear. Today's lesson is about using Sei Hei Ki to help rid yourself of fear. When I talk about getting rid of fear I'm talking more, fear of success, the fear brought out by anxiety, fear of failure, that kinda stuff. Less scared of the dark kinda stuff, but it's not impossible.

Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear

The other day I said that I felt Sei Hei Ki was a personal transformation…
Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Since we're talking about Cho Ku Rei this week I wanna talk about…
Connecting with crystals! You have your crystals now it's time to connect, but where do you start? I have 8 simple ways for connecting with crystals for you to try! Enjoy!

Connecting with Crystals

It's no secret that crystals are a huge part of my Reiki practice.…
Distant Reiki Crystal Toolbox: What's inside mine, why, how I use it, and how to create your own!

Distant Reiki Crystal Toolbox

This post actually stemmed from the post about the best crystal…
Best Crystal to Make Distant Reiki More Effective. Find out the answer in this post!

Best Crystal to Make Distant Reiki More Effective

Previously I've written about 8 ways to send distant Reiki. In…

The Absolute Best Way to Choose Your Crystals

I haven't written about crystals in awhile ::sadface::.  Today's…
This is the Top Ten Favorite Crystals of Reiki Playground! I love crystals, writing articles giving crystals photo shoots. I love them. Crystals, stone, rocks, etc.

Reiki Playground's Top Ten Favorite Crystals

I love crystals, writing articles (here, here, here, here,…
Clear Quartz: Electrifying! Clear quartz helps in all healing sessions. It amplifies a Reiki treatment, and afterwards you can give the client a Reiki...

Clear Quartz: Electrifying

I totally have that one Grease song in my head now. The one where…
Amethyst is a quartz and commonly colored purple. As stated before it is associated with the crown chakra and connects you with your guides and intuition.

Amethyst: Our Friendly Galactic Travel Agent

I hope you've been enjoying the crystal series so far! Working…
Blue lace agate a crystal of chillness, calming down, tranquility, and gentle healing. When I need to clear out some chattery mind freakout, I reach for my blue lace agate and run Reiki.

Blue Lace Agate: Let's Chill Man

Blue lace agate a crystal of chillness, calming down, tranquility,…
Rose quartz, black tourmaline, a pair for the ages! Need to remove negativity and bring in love energies? This is the combo to use!

Rose Quartz & Black Tourmaline: A Rockstar Pair

This post is a bit of a specialized one. Today we are conquering…
Selenite & Reiki: Using the two together. Selenite comes in many different forms. You can buy it polished or rough, wands or towers, white or peachy/pink.

Selenite and Reiki: Using the two together

As you know, Reiki is perfect by itself as it is, but a lot of…