Care Bears and Reiki

Care Bears and Reiki

When was the last time you watched Care Bears, if ever? To be honest until a couple of days ago I hadn’t watched Care Bears in 20 years (I’m 27 by the way). The idea popped in my head and I was like…well I need to research this stuff first. The initial post was an exercise in how to let Reiki flow and open your chakras, but I’ll get to that a bit later.

After watching a bit of the 1985 Care Bears movie (the second one, I think…) I used to watch at my Granny’s house as a child (found it on YouTube) I remembered that there were a lot of lessons in the movie. After thinking about it, there are lessons adults and Reiki practitioners can take into action too.

One of the most important lessons being, emotions are okay to express, not to hold them in.

Sometimes we forget this, even in our Reiki practice. Each of the cute little bears have a role to play in the show. Each bear is an emotion or state of being that we each have experienced, or strive to experience. There’s even a bear for the grumpys!

The point of the Care Bears is to help people express emotions. They want you to know that it’s okay to be sad, or grumpy, or whatever, and that you have a friend you can lean on. In real life, that’s true too. Not necessarily a stuffed toy as a friend, unless you’re into that, but we cultivate friendships that allow us to grow into the person we were meant to be. Our true friends let us be us with full emotions in-tack without hiding.

Another big lesson in the movie is allowing ourselves to be open enough to have friends.

Sometimes we shut ourselves up and don’t want to mess with the world. Sometimes life gets in the way to the point that we realize we don’t have the friends or deep relationships we used too. This doesn’t always mean friendships with other people. How is your relationship with yourself? Each of the Care Bears own their “stuff”, do you?

The last lesson I want to point out is allowing others to help.

We don’t have to take the whole world on our shoulders. We can delegate, and get support. We can let something fall off the wagon and not go back and get it. It’s okay. It’s okay to not be perfect and it’s okay to not do everything. Be chill, things happen the way they are suppose to happen.

As Reiki practitioners we tend to care a lot…no pun intended (the Care Bears live in Care-A-Lot haha…).

We allow others to open up to us so they can start to heal. We channel Reiki so that others feel good. We are honorary citizens of Care-A-Lot by way of our desires to help our fellow humans (or animals). We open our hearts to help those in need. Reiki and the idea of the Care Bears go hand in hand.

The Care Bear Stare is what I think about when I need to let the Reiki flow or help open my chakras (especially my heart chakra!). While the Care Bear Stare comes from the bears tummies where their symbol is I imagine the same thing happening from my hands and visualize the Reiki symbols coming out. It sounds silly, but it gets the job done…and makes me giggle a bit. So if you have problems getting Reiki to flow I’d suggest using that imagery. REIKI FLOW ACTIVATE! Or maybe REIKI STARE! GO GO REIKI FLOW!

For the chakras I do a reverse Care Bear Stare. What I mean is I draw either Reiki energy, white light energy, star energy, whatever they need into the chakras, but use the visualization of the Care Bear Stare. I might visualize the symbols coming into the chakras, just white light, stars, etc.

Do you have any interesting visualization techniques? If so share them in the comments! Any other lessons from the Care Bears (Keep it classic Care Bears please) you’d like to share?

Be on the look out for the Captain Planet post in the future 😀

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