Captain Planet and the Reikiteers [Silly Reiki Story]

Captain Planet and the Reikiteers [Silly Reiki Story]

This post has been long overdue…been chilling in “drafts” for a couple of months, but I’ve been thinking about it since Care Bears haha. Now on to the silly Reiki story!

A century gone. Gaia, finally awake from her nap, discovers the sad state of the planet. Smog choking life. Oil smothering defenseless animals. Humans the greedy destroyers and seemingly unaffected.

In sadness, Gaia calls upon five powerful rings to claim five worthy youths for her Planeteers. They are to save the Earth. Once all five are chosen, Gaia goes back to her study and thinks how else she can once again protect the Earth. “Raise the vibrations”, she thinks. Gaia puts out the call for lightworkers, crystal healers, Reiki practitioners to raise the vibrations of the planet. “Help me”, she coaxes, “help me rise above this, give me hope, and help me heal”.

Once you get past the stereotypical characters in the 90s cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers you find it can be related back to Reiki, and life in general. It starts out with Gaia waking up from a century long nap to find that humans have practically destroyed the Earth. She sends five rings, one each to five kids from five areas of the planet to start taking care of the evil peeps. Each ring has it’s own element: fire, water, air, earth, and heart. Each kid is pretty much the embodiment of the element they were chosen to work with. And when you combine the power of the rings, out pops Captain Planet. How on Earth 😉 is this related to Reiki?

1. You can take each of the elements (and characters) and related them back to the Reiki Principles.

Fire-Just for today, do not anger

The dude with the fire ring, has a pretty big temper and is a hot head. Normally the source of irritation to the rest of the kids.  He eventually realizes that he handles situations better when he doesn’t let his anger get in the way.

Water-Just for today, do not worry

The girl with the water ring is a compassionate individual, and she gets super upset when her marine life friends get hurt by one of the villians. She tends to worry about the plight of the oceans. She also tends to worry about her planeteer friends. She’s strong and doesn’t normally let her worry cloud her vision.

Air-Just for today, give thanks for you many blessings

The air girl, while a bit sassy (because fire dude is always hitting on her), is always thankful for being able to help the planet. She does everything she can to show her gratitude. Her specialty is birds and that is why she was chosen for air (or wind…).

Earth-Just for today, do your work honestly

The guy with the Earth ring is very compassion about the Earth and what he can do to help it. He’s the ring leader of the group, and the most …erm…down to earth. When he’s first introduced to the audience he’s diligently and happily planting trees. His passion is to help save the planet.

Heart-Just for today, show kindness to everything living thing

Heart dude is the living embodiment of compassion. And as Gaia said, heart is the most powerful of all the elements. He helps keep everyone in check emotionally and does what he can to help anyone and everyone.

2. The characters want to help heal the Earth and her people, and so do Reiki practitioners.

You were called to do this, literally. You didn’t get a magical ring to reinforce your desires to help, but you didn’t need validation because you knew. Then you set out and started working your special magic. You sprinkled your flavors wherever they needed to go. You probably lived the Reiki principles before you knew what Reiki was. You can always help, use your Reiki hands and send love to the world. We could all use a little more love.

Which of the Planeteers are you more like?…I’m probably most like fire dude -_- How about sharing when you knew that being a Reiki practitioner was (at least part of) your calling?  Did you enjoy this silly Reiki story?

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