Can’t Feel The Reiki Flow? 5 Tips to get you going again

Can’t Feel The Reiki Flow? 5 Tips to get you going again

There are some days we just can’t get in the flow of things. We can’t feel the Reiki flow. Reiki feels like it’s abandoned us, even though we know it’s still there, we still have it, and it’s all good. It’s just an off day. I know this is frustrating. Been there, done that, wrote 2 workbooks to combat it. Since writing the Reiki workbooks I’ve gotten through the “I’m not feeling anythinnnngggg” days, I’ve beaten down my uncertainty with a crystal studded stick, and I’ve just let what happens happen.  These are my tricks of the trade to turn the Reiki tap on a bit higher (without needing symbols) to help you feel what’s going on.

1. LET GO DAMNIT. First rule of Reiki: don’t get in the way. I’m sure you’ve read this countless times. I know I have. What does this mean? For seriously? How the shit do you even get in the way of Reiki? You try to force YOUR intentions. That’s not what Reiki is about. Reiki is for the highest and greatest good of the individual. If you hop in that Reiki train and try to take over as conductor you’re gonna run off the tracks. By the end of the treatment (whether your own or your clients) you’ll be an exhausted pile of train cars at the bottom of a gully wondering what the heck just happened. You want to be the tracks for the Reiki train. You are helping the train along it’s path. Train tracks don’t set the destinations for trains, they just help them get there.

2. Calm down. If you stress yourself out because you can’t feel Reiki flow you’re just going to stay stressed. Reiki helps us with stress management and shouldn’t be the cause of stress. If you need to take a step back just do it. Get a clear head (make sure you have LET GO) and try again later. Try a different strategy, start at a different chakra, use different music. Don’t let this bother you.

3. Bring in a tool. It might help if you used something to help you to visually recognize the flow of Reiki. Some people like to use pendulums. They use them to check the chakras, to see which way the energy is flowing and how open the chakra is. I personally do not use pendulums…they don’t seem to like me and I get frustrated with them.

4. Meditate before hand. Meditating helps open you up to energy sensing. You’ll be in a higher state of being and will be able to pick up the subtle energies. One meditation I love to do is to sit with my feet on the floor and my hands on my lap. I envision light from my root chakra going down into the earth’s core. Then I breathe from the core into my feet until the light goes through my body and shoots out of my crown chakra until it goes to space. From there I either envision it becoming a star or being the sun. Here I breathe in the light from the star/sun into my crown through all my chakras, through my feet, down to the core, then bring the light up from the core and start all over again. It’s a giant cycle and I do this until I feel done. A lot of times I’m running Reiki at the same time and can feel the Reiki stronger by the end of the meditation.

5. Breathe. Sometimes when we are just starting Reiki we concentrate so hard we forget to properly breathe. You know…the tummy breaths, not the chest breaths. With a hand on your stomach and one on your chest, which one rises? If you said chest you need to switch it to tummy. Aspire to be a tummy breather all the time!

These tips seem simple, but when you’re frustrated they can be what helps you feel the flow again. Try them and see what happens.

Love these tips and want to keep them forever? Download them here as a PDF.

What are your tricks to help you feel the flow? Share with us down in the comments 😀

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