Calm Monkey Mind

Calm Monkey Mind

I’m known for a few sayings. It’s all good. Awesomesauce. Coolieo. I know, right? And calm yo shit (or more nicely put “calm yourself”. I use both interchangeably). It’s 2am and I’m getting ready to lay down and catch some Zs when spazstic thoughts flood my head.

I try to shut them off. I draw a giant SHK and calmly walk through it, then CKR. SHK to draw the emotions to the front line to work with them, why the hell do they decide to plague me now? CKR to clear my energies. It worked. I go back to my bed again, monkey mind released.

10 minutes into self Reiki and the monkey takes over again. CALM YO SHIT SIERRA!

I get up. Do a little spazzy dance. Grab a piece of paper. Write down the stuff in my head, then with inspiration from Lost Girl, I eat the paper. Yes, eat it.

It wasn’t a hunger thing where paper was the only thing on the menu. No, it was to help conquer the junk floating around in my head. Am I good enough? Am I worthy to have what I’m striving for? You know…that kinda stuff. I devoured the paper with everything I wrote.

I ate it, so I could show the world who’s boss. I am. Those false old beliefs aren’t mine, not anymore. They don’t control me! I know full well that I am good enough and worthy enough for anything I go after. Take that monkey, I’m gonna shit out all the gobbledygook that tried to take over my thoughts!

Moral of the story: When you get all crazy brained….calm yourself. It will pass. The passing thoughts are like shit. If you hold them in you’re gonna be uncomfortable. And the longer you hold them, the harder it is to let go. Let go and you feel sooooo much better. Don’t go back and mine the poo by allowing those kind of thoughts to always take over. It gets messy, I’m not gonna be mining my poo (or mind) for those thoughts of unworthiness anytime soon.

Discover the root cause of impending doom thoughts and take care of them like you would a food that gives you diarrhea every time you eat it. You don’t eat the food right? Or at least, not very often. So don’t fuel the monkey 😉

To starve the monkey: Do everything in your power to surface the feelings and work through them. If you don’t, you’re gonna get full with no place to go, when you burst it won’t be very fun.

My suggestions: journaling, talking with a trusted individual, therapy if you feel you need it, writing a post secret entry, self-Reiki, holding on to a crystal, meditation. Do all of it for best results 😉

What do you you to calm monkey mind? When it just won’t take a chill pill and leave you in peace?

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