Blue Lace Agate: Let’s Chill Man

Blue Lace Agate: Let’s Chill Man

Blue lace agate a crystal of chillness, calming down, tranquility, and gentle healing. When I need to clear out some chattery mind freakout, I reach for my blue lace agate and run Reiki.

blue lace agate Reiki Playground Sierra Koch meditateAwhile ago one night I was upset. The mind wouldn’t shush with all kinds of icky meanie head thoughts and I was irritated. I was laying in bed running Reiki when suddenly the idea to place a blue lace agate on my third eye chakra popped in. The blue lace cut off the connection to the negativity that I was experiencing.

My mind was communicating with me that I wasn’t worthy of what I was striving for…communication is a throat chakra issue. Then why did I put it on my third eye? Because it was a mind thing. I had to shut off the constant chatter of unworthiness. The coolness of the crystal and trying to keep it on my forehead disrupted the brewing in my mind, add in Reiki and I was calmed right down. Now anytime I feel ugh and yuck trying to creep in I grab my blue lace and meditate with it on my third eye.

In my experiences, blue lace is really useful for all the chakras. It has such a wonderful chill pill quality thatblue lace agate Reiki Playground Sierra Koch if you need gentle healing this should be in your go-to box (hint hint…this should TOTALLY be in your healer go-to box 😉 ).

Generally though, because of the color peeps say it’s for the throat chakra. I say, use it for whenever you need something gentle. No matter which chakra it is blue lace will make you feel better.

Blue lace agate is another harder stone and all the usual ways to energetically clean stones would be fine to use on it. I give Big Blue (the one you see in the pictures) a good rinse after each usage, but he’s a negativity neutralizer. I don’t feel him (yes…I’m going to refer to my blue lace as a he…) get “full”, but I still feel he needs cleaning. I’m sure he enjoys it.

What are your experiences with using blue lace agate with Reiki?

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