Best Crystal to Make Distant Reiki More Effective

Best Crystal to Make Distant Reiki More Effective

Previously I’ve written about 8 ways to send distant Reiki. In that post I talked about crystals being one of the methods to send distant Reiki. Using crystals is my favorite way to help send distant Reiki and a poll and a question in the Facebook group is what brings us to this post. The question:

“What are the best Crystals to work with while sending Reiki long distance to make the results more “effective”?

Before we get into my answer…Reiki goes where it needs to go and you’re given as much as you need at the time it is received. You can’t force anything with Reiki (or crystals). My advice is to let go of the need for it to be more effective and let go of the results 😉 . What is suppose to happen will happen. With that bit out of the way, here’s my answer to the question.

Best Crystal to Make Distant Reiki More Effective

My personal choice is clear quartz (but if you asked 10 different people you’ll get 10 different responses I’m sure). Clear quartz is considered a master healer crystal and it’s the easiest to get your hands on if you are just starting out. You can ask clear quartz to do pretty much anything you want if you decide to program it (I personally do not program crystals).

Programming can be as simple as asking the crystal if it would do ::insert what you want:: to as complex as a deep meditation where you go into the crystal and program it. You can program the clear quartz to pull out energy that is no longer needed. Program it to constantly send Reiki so you don’t have to do anything. Program it to balance the chakras. The possibilities are endless.

My preferred method of using a crystal is to ask its permission to use it during the session, then ask it to amplify the healing Reiki and crystal energies for the intended person, and finally thank it for its energies when we are done. That’s how I roll with all my crystals, sometimes the intention is slightly different depending on the crystal and what we’re doing.

If you want to read more about clear quartz, I’ve got a whole post dedicated to it…it’s electrifying.

But really the ultimate answer is

Work with crystals and see which one works best for you. Like I said, ask 10 different peeps and you’ll get 10 different answers. That’s because everyone is different. Everyone does distant Reiki differently. Everyone has different intentions. Clear quartz may not be the crystal that will help make the results more effective for you. So play with crystals and see which ones you connect with best during your distant Reiki sessions.

::sneak attack:: This is a 2 part post. Part 2 comes tomorrow and it has what’s inside my distant Reiki crystal toolkit, how I use it, and how to create your own distant Reiki crystal toolkit.

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